What is that the word ‘Bidet’ implies for you? If you are someone who lacks experience with a Bidet, you might still know someone who has used or regularly uses it. Outside the U.S., Bidet has been common for the past few decades (and even centuries in some countries) and is a crucial part of the toilet. With the advancement of technology, bidet and bidet seats are evolving at an unprecedented pace and are also compatible with most of the existing toilets. The new standard of personal hygiene and cleaning is functional to a greater extent and the variety of styles and functionalities add to their accessibility. This brings one to the question of which option to go with?


A simple upgrade.
It’s good to feel bidet-curious from time to time as cleansing is quite important for hygiene and wellness. For most existing toilets, manual bidets are the easiest option because they can be attached to the toilet directly without the need for any tool. The controls of the bidet are situated on the side of the seat which lets the users customize the water pressure, spray position by controlling the house’s water line. An additional feature is that the bidet cleans itself after every usage.


Go big on comfort.
Personal hygiene merely serves as one of the benefits of a bidet. Power-operated bidets are highly customizable and the list of options include the temperature of the water spray, position and pressure. Some of the offered models also come with warm air-drying and automatic deodorization, ensuring a fresh and comfortable environment. These bidets are also equipped with exclusive UV-sanitization technology that cleans every 24 hours. All of the features can be controlled from a panel that can be mounted on the wall or used from the side panel.


Genius-level intelligence.
Calling these toilets intelligent is not an exaggeration as they combine cutting-edge technology with an intuitive and mystic design. Additional features such as touch-free seat operation, automatic flushing also reduce the spread of germs. Select from the inclusive range of a versatile product to fit in the space for a unique experience that is full of comfort, convenience and true hygiene.


Meet the original.
The 17th century witnessed the inception of traditional bidets which can be practically regarded to be as old as the flushing toilet. As the popularity increased, the adoption of the toilet went global while staying basic and simple in its functionality. The intuitive use of water conserves an unfathomable amount of paper each year. The standalone version of the bidet can be ideal for a spacious bathroom and the users who prefer their washers traditional.

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