While trends often go around, there are some designs that stand the test of time with elegance. Considering a complete overhaul of the bathroom ought to start with a reimagination of the personal environment. This can serve as an opportunity to create an indulging bathroom space.

The process of building the ultimate bathroom implies the integration of all the fruits that technology and modern design has at their disposal.


Think Bold, Have fun // It is important to keep the process a fun one, paying no mind to the templates the world has to offer. The key phrase for this approach would be - being bold. Individuals are advised to not be hesitant while including all of their desires and fantasies. Start with an exhaustive list, comprising everything that you might want in your ideal bathroom. These include everything from home-spa, lighting and music, glass enclosures, rain heads etc. Let only your imagination be the limit. The bathroom being one of the most crucial parts of any home, has the potential to turn the space into a getaway, bringing Zen and tranquility to one’s private time.

Prioritize // While there is no cap on the possibilities, there might come a point where one has to choose and prioritize what they wish more than the other. This often introduces the difference between “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves”. A good piece of advice is to set aside 10-15% of the total budget for unexpected requirements or construction steps.


Design for “Easy to Clean” // A bathroom experience can only be as pristine as the surroundings themselves. Cleaning the bathroom is something no one is excited about and coming up with a design that is easy to clean can result in a high level of convenience for years down the road. Self-cleaning toilets, low maintenance materials, nonporous countertops, modular shower accessories etc. can add more to the longevity of a bathroom and prolong the serenity of the environment.


Future-proof // Planning ahead is the best way to be at ease and leaving provision for future updates can save one a great deal of hassle should they choose to renovate based on the changing trends. Bathroom solutions such as digital showering and digitally controlled temperatures, timed and personalized settings are expected to become common across every household and these can be implemented easily in any bathroom provided it has an essence of modularity. The provisions need to include plumbing and electrical connections which can be interlinked at the time of installation of these additional functionalities. For example, having a spare water outlet near the toilet enables you to fit bidets or C3 seats at a later stage.


Accessible Design // The next cue for an ideal bathroom is the ability to adapt and evolve alongside your needs. An accessible design is one that can accommodate multiple individuals and Kohler’s range of products can help any bathroom achieve this stature, delivering functional advantages with style unparalleled.


Know When to make the call // Getting some professional assistance is not something to be reluctant about. A bathroom design has various intricate details and technical factors that need to be taken into account without getting overwhelmed. KOHLER Bathroom Design Services connects you with one of our elite designers who can provide you with a walkthrough of the entire process, making it seamless and time-efficient. All of this takes place right from the comfort of your home through the internet and leaves you with a photo-realistic rendering of your new bathroom that is shaded with the hues that speak to your heart. Along with the visual delight of the render, you would get a sense of the textures & finish samples, as well as a shopping list to cart your requirements. Our experts can further connect you with a reputable contractor to bring your ideas to life.

Above all, you are what makes a bathroom special and it is your refined taste to which it shall appeal.