Spa Nirvana From Your Home


Rejuvenate Within // It is paramount to have some personal time when one can upkeep their physical and mental health - one of the most difficult things in today’s times. Making your well-being your priority starts with integrating routines that would add to self-care in environments designed for privacy and wellness. Familiarize with tips to refresh your wind with your own orchestrated showering experience by creating a luxurious at-home spa.


Interplay with your moods // The showering experience can cater to every state of mind, the first step being the wardrobe. A refined Turkish robe with feather-like slippers that make your emotions levitate above the ordinary and help set the mood for the flow that is about to follow.


SET THE STAGE // Discard the daily and declutter the space for fresh towels with a basket for easy access, adding to your Zen. Add well-placed towel bars that elevate your anticipation.


STAY HYDRATED // Filtered water that is infused with lime, cucumber and mint is the staple, or you can add a hint of your preferred herbs and fruits. A champagne flute is also a fine choice, although having water before your spa sessions is crucial.


CREATE SOME AMBIANCE // Shade down the lights and introduce music in your private space, getting relaxed. Voice- activated Verdada Voice Lighted mirror can do the aforementioned without having you lift a finger. An aroma from a scented candle would further heighten the experience of your at-home spa.


EXFOLIATE // Before getting to the business, go with a dry brush to stimulate the lymphatic system, break down cellulite, expel toxins and increase circulation. Follow a bottom-up approach and start with your feet, ending with your racing heart. A body spray wouldn’t be a bad idea for a similar effect.


A QUICK RINSE // Shower under your luxury drops for a 5-minute warm rinse to cleanse yourself further after the dry brushing. A digitized showering system can turn your indulgence into expressive elegance of fluids with total control over precision and position.


OPEN THE PORES // Steam can open your pores while you sweat out the toxins and soothe your muscles, breathing deeply. A built-in bench makes it easier to relax effortlessly while soaking the steam in and out.


TAKE THE PLUNGE // Let the flow fill the bath with cold water and submerge immediately in the cold bath. The switching of states from hot to cold jolts one’s body and mind into focus and clarity. A bathroom comprising of a wet room or a freestanding bath would keep the splashes contained and the surroundings dry.


SETTLE IN // Enjoy the grandeur you have been waiting for and relax in a long and indulgent soak. Get the temperature and music on to your liking before dimming the lights and putting on a mask as well as dropping in the special bath salts. Set a timer and breathe deep while the gentle chaos leaves you breathless.


EMERGE REFRESHED // Once you reach your state of utmost bliss, gradually bring your body temperature back with a rinse of hot water of about 93 F. Handshower would be perfect for this job and introduction of colder temperatures without shocking your inner system.


THE FINISHING TOUCHES // Instead of going back the usual from complete relaxation, ease in with the slow change from a face mask or self-care routine with a lotion. Organize the vanity in a deliberate yet controlled manner with BenteTM accessories. Most importantly, take your sweet time while your body prepares to coexist with the normal.


THE QUICK SHOWER CIRCUIT // A dry brush with 2-3 minute longer neutral shower (about 93) and a hot soak with 94-104, followed by a cool down for a little 2 minutes.

THE QUICK BATHING CIRCUIT // It again starts with rinsing at 93 for a minute or so and hydrotherapy soak at 102 - 104 for under 5 minutes. Plunge in the cold bath at 80 for over 3 minutes. Proceeding, go with sauna or steam at 104 and finishing with a rinse of 2 minutes at 93.

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