Kohler intelligent toilets
Posted 16/08/2021

The world is rapidly evolving and adapting to smarter ways of life is a leading trend. Be it smartphones, smartwatches, smart cars, or smart homes, everything continues to undergo a smarter makeover today.

This makeover has urged us all to indulge in a smart experience in virtually every room of the house. The bathroom is no exception to this.

Do you remember the last time your toilet made you feel like royalty? If you can’t, maybe it’s time to discover Kohler intelligent toilets, Veil and Numi, to see what you’ve been missing.

You may ask, what is it that you’ve been missing?

To that, we say how about a hands-free operation? How about a toilet that senses your approach, opens automatically and closes and flushes when you leave? Or a heated seat that nestles you in luxurious warmth? A warm-water cleansing and warm-air drying to leave you feeling refreshed? Along with a deodorizing bidet seat that keeps the entire room fresh?

Kohler Nepal presents a range of intelligent toilets that offer all this and much more. These toilets of the future transform the bathroom experience with distinctive, personalised features that upscale luxury and elevate hygiene.

Kohler infuses intelligence to maximize comfort and understanding of modern-day needs so that the products become an extension of the user. Sculpted to perfection, Kohler’s intelligent toilets offer superior individual comfort, taking personal cleansing to a heightened level.

Minimalist and ergonomic design along with intelligence come together to create an experience of happiness. Hygiene, comfort, and immaculate design combine to translate something mechanical to life-like, crafting an ultra-personalized experience.

Adaptable to a wide range of bathroom styles, these toilets make a bold statement piece that accentuates the style of any bathroom.

Numi Intelligent Toilet

Kohler Numi is the most advanced choice in personal comfort and cleansing.

Equipped with Amazon Alexa, Numi offers personalized settings allowing you to fine-tune every option to your exact preferences. From ambient colored lighting to wireless Bluetooth music sync capability to the heated seat and foot warmer.

Indulge in a holistic immersive experience with Numi, as all you have to do is just walk up to it. The lid will automatically open and treat you to a warm seat, and as you turn around to go back to the warmth of your bed, it will auto flush and close the lid. From its striking form to its exceptional features, the Numi toilet marks a new standard of excellence in the bathroom.

Veil Intelligent Toilet

Kohler Veil is the perfect balance of art and technology. Strikingly proportioned and proficiently engineered, Veil’s magnificent beauty comes with refined curves, a stunning design, and is sculpted for ultimate comfort.

Combined with some exceptional features like touchless flushing, one-touch remote control functionality, hygienic rimless bowl, built-in UV self-cleansing bidet, and a deodorizer to keep the bathroom fresh, Veil offers three different models to live up to your design needs, including the sleek, stylish and sophisticated wall mounted closet option.

These ground-breaking technologies transform your bathroom experience into one that you can boast of.