Single Piece. Singular Performance. Kohler One-Piece Toilets

Incredible performance. Award-winning design. Innovative technology with Kohler one piece Toilets, you can count on it all. Our range of stylish and ergonomically designed toilets give you powerful and efficient performance with the cleanliness and comfort you want.

One-Piece. Remarkable, in every way.

Behold, the perfect synergy of remarkable performance, world-leading contemporary design and groundbreaking technology! Crafted masterfully to offer a seamless bathroom experience, the dynamic range of Kohler One- Piece Toilets comes packed with modern features that nurture comfort, cleanliness, and overall wellbeing.

The seamless ergonomic design of One-Piece toilets is adorned with a French curve seat, crafted to perfection by Kohler. These toilets are compatible with Kohler C3 seats and deliver beyond just style with their exceptional class five flushing performance and zero leakage feature that conserve water.

Moreover, the Kohler One-Piece toilets are very compact, and can be installed with ease to upscale the modern minimalist look in your dream bathroom.

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San Raphael Grande

K-8688T-S-0, Single Flush 6 L

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Modern Life

K-77739T-SL-0, Water Saving 3/4.5L

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Veil K-1381T-S-0, Dual Flush design 3 / 4.5 L

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K-17629IN-SM-0, Dual Flush Design 3/6L

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K-3983IN-S-0, Water SAving 3/4.8L

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