Posted 11/01/2021

The simplest additions can transform a space from plain to picture-perfect. Neesha Alwani, co-founder of ns*a Architecture and Interiors, lets us in on her guidebook of ideas.

Cause For Reflection
Mirrors are more than just a vanity product when designing a bathroom. Due to their functionality, full wall, frameless mirrors, give a feeling of expanse as they not only aid in amplifying a small space, but also double the illumination in the room, with the reflection. They can also be used as decorative elements when backlit, mounted on textured surfaces, or even in the form of wall and ceiling panels. 

Air It Out
If you have a wardrobe or a dressing space in your dry area, you may be tempted to install an air conditioner to keep you cool during the hot humid months. But if the logistics of installing one do not work out, a ceiling fan or exhaust will do the job just as well. While natural ventilation through large windows is ideal for your bathroom, if not possible, convert your door to fluted or frosted glass, to ventilate the room well. Sometimes a divider on a pivoted panel may work best – keep it ajar, switch on your bedroom air conditioner, and let the cool air in. 

Let There Be Light
For your bathroom to look elegant and yet be functional and easily usable, put enough thought into your lighting, both decorative and task. One light on either side of the mirror is ideal as these will light up the face equally and prevent casting of shadows. The rest of your lighting can be decorative: Hanging, surface-mounted on walls or ceilings, or even chandeliers, not only give a diffused glow but also add to the aesthetics of your space. A tip: Pick soft yellow lights, as these will bring out the richness of the materials and textures of the space!

Mind Your Materials
It’s no secret that the bathroom is the most high-maintenance area of the house due to its steam generation and the high levels of moisture in the air. So picking materials for this space is not only about aesthetics but durability as well. Whether you’re using marble, stone or tile, a matte finish works best for floors of the wet area. Use the same in the dry areas for a uniform look. For the walls of your dry area, something that is hygienic and easy to maintain is ideal, but you can experiment with new materials, as this area will stay relatively waterless. Slightly textured tiles or marble will look great, or wooden panelling is a good option too.  

Neesha’s quick tips to augment the look of your bathroom in an instant:

  • Backlit mirrors work great to create subtle mood lighting. Mirrors can also be used as panelling to create interesting patterns with grooves, adding an extra space for storage as well!

  • Using metal, wood or stone for the vanity counter makes it stand out, giving the room a distinctive style.  

  • Adding plants makes the bathroom seem more refreshing, relaxing and therapeutic to use. An element of nature will always make a space seem less stiff, so choose your greens accordingly!       

Neesha Alwani, Founder and Designer, ns*a Architecture and Interiors, Mumbai

“My area of expertise lies in understanding the client’s requirements and fabricating an environment that meets the needs of the client, taking into consideration the surroundings to create a perfect fit. Along with my partner Shruti Jalan, I work to provide optimal solutions that result in a functionally, aesthetically and an economically built environment.”


Text: Compiled by The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images: Courtesy ns*a Architecture and Interiors