Intelligent Toilets: Changing the Way of Life

Sustainable cities, electric cars that do not even need a driver, watches that count our steps and mobile phones that replace our office. Technology has changed the way many appliances work, adding a smart touch that creates more functionality for appliances at home. 

Technology has changed the way many appliances work, adding a smart touch that creates more functionality for appliances at home. Everything has changed in the era of smart objects. In the last few years, especially after the pandemic, hygiene has become one of the most talked-about topics and increasingly important.

Intelligent toilets prepare you for the future in the present. They make for a pleasant, cleaner, and hygienic experience. The best smart toilets come equipped with all the bells and whistles for an effortless experience.

The standout features of bidet toilet seats make them a must-have in today’s time.

bidet toilet seats

1. Heated Seats

A heated seat is a crucial part of an intelligent toilet. It enhances your bathroom experience, particularly in the winter. Moreover, Kohler smart toilet is the upgrade you have been looking for. Over a day, the user enjoys having the toilet seat at three different temperatures. They can set the temperature at their convenience according to the outside temperature. Personalized settings can make your daily tasks from routine to remarkable.

2. Posterior and Feminine Wash

Bidet seats make for personal hygiene and offer a thorough cleaning experience. The front and rear intimate parts can be washed for an all-round wash. An enlarged nozzle allows both genders to spray pressurized water on their underneath. Women use a feminine wash, and a nozzle sprays water before the user. Smart toilets have indeed brought about a revolution by minimizing the use of toilet paper. 

3. Self-Cleaning Bowl

A self-cleaning bowl provides a great user experience. Sometimes, the user forgets to flush, but a self-cleaning bowl helps keep the toilet commode shining. Another benefit of a self-cleaning bowl is that it eliminates foul smells in case the user forgets to flush. Continuous Clean technology automatically fights germs, grime and stains with every flush to keep your bowl clean five times longer. Kohler Bidet seats never let you compromise with cleanliness.

4. Self-Cleaning Nozzle

When the nozzle is extended or retracted, a tiny stream of water is sprayed to clean itself automatically. Kohler intelligent toilets and cleansing seats feature a stainless steel cleansing wand that rinses itself before use and again following use. In addition, the wand is automatically cleaned with UV light every 24 hours for hygienic assurance.

5. Eco-friendly

An intelligent toilet uses less water and flushes the toilet more gently than many conventional toilets. This feature can reduce water costs, save money, and reduce water waste worldwide. Additionally, using toilet paper impacts the environment in many parts of the world. Making an intelligent toilet choice is a more hygienic way to clean up after you.

Kohler intelligent toilets

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is so special about KOHLER’s smart toilet?

Kohler smart toilets come with Intuitive hands-free opening and closing, remote control at your fingertips, heated seats for luxurious comfort, adjustable warm water sprays for customized personal cleansing, smart hands-free flushing that saves water, stainless steel, and a UV light self-cleaning wand. 

2. Are smart toilets hygienic?

Yes, smart toilets are hygienic. They have intuitive, hands-free opening and closing, reducing the spread of germs and providing a hygienic experience. 

3. What is the purpose of a smart toilet?

Smart toilets promote cleanliness and provide a user-friendly experience. They transform everyday living from routine to remarkable. From personalized cleaning to smart hands-free flushing with a UV light self-cleaning wand, smart toilets offer a cleaner experience.

4. Are Kohler good toilets?

Kohler offers the best-in-class toilets for a premium user experience. They combine style with functionality to create a great user experience.

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