The new Anthem Valves and controls from Kohler have been carefully crafted in every way to provide people with a completely immersive showering experience, customized to their individual needs and preferences. These precision systems, which come in mechanical and digital valve platforms and are painstakingly developed to meet international plumbing standards, transform the showering experience into a next-level sensory event, enhancing Kohler’s market-leading approach to digital showering.

Automatic Showering

The Anthem controls offer a simple, chic, and comfortable tactile vibe that is inspired by high-end home furnishings. The touch-sensitive surface of the digital valve control is simple to use and intuitive, like the surfaces of so many well-known electrical items. The user can customize any combination of shower sprays, rainheads, showerheads, handshowers, and body sprays using the valves, which can control up to six outlets.

Each outlet can be separately adjusted to the user’s preferred temperature and flow, such as a forceful, hot massage from the hand shower combined with a soothing, warm spray from the overhead rain head. Users can mix and match as much as they want. Kohler has designed the Anthem valves and controls to provide bathers control over flow, temperature, and sprays to implement a new therapeutic experience.

Anthem’s digital control system makes it simple to alter settings precisely and select different levels of warmth for various body parts because it provides independent access to each spray and up to two temperature zones.

Silver Valves

The mechanical controls for Anthem have a very sophisticated feeling and appearance. Pushing the buttons next to each outlet causes them to pop open, revealing dials that users may use to regulate and modify the flow volume. Any guessing is eliminated through simple, widely recognised iconography, opening the door to a unique sensory experience that everybody may appreciate. The Anthem controls come in brushed bronze, rose gold, matte black, polished chrome, and matte black.


Black Valvue

What are the evident signs that you’ve achieved success in life? You know you’ve arrived when something as mundane as taking a daily shower becomes an immersive and mesmerizing experience! You may now welcome this luxury into your homes since Kohler Anthem showering valves were thoughtfully designed for your bathroom. The valves are truly a blessing in disguise as they offer a plethora of options for temperature and spray control for handshowers, body sprays, rainheads, and showerheads.

Mechanical and digital valve platforms have been expertly built to perfectly fit the international plumbing requirements. With its foray into the digital showering market, Kohler has successfully transformed the bathing experience into a cutting-edge sensory event.


With these brand-new Anthem controls from KOHLER, taking a shower becomes a personalized physical event that has the ability to elevate mood and brighten the day. With its new Anthem controls and valves, Kohler continues to elevate the mundane and stimulate the senses with cutting-edge engineering, precise control, and a customer-centric approach that has been a central element of the firm since 1873. Visit kohlernepal.com today to dial up your showering experience.

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