5 Secrets to Choosing the Right Toilet Commode

Every detail matters when designing the perfect bathroom; nothing is more important than choosing the right toilet commode. A commode combines aspirational elegance with efficient functionality to elevate your daily routine. Western commodes enjoy growing bathroom demand as Nepal modernizes and builds new infrastructure.

Choosing a suitable toilet seat is paramount to enhancing your bathroom experience greatly. They play an equally important part in bathroom designs. In today’s day and age, various plumbing fixtures and technology features exist.

So, let’s dive in and discover how to choose the correct toilet seat that will revolutionize your bathroom experience! Let’s journey through the key features that make a toilet commode exceptional.

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Reasons to Choose a Good Toilet Commode

  • Ensure the toilet works appropriately and effectively. Toilet problems, including clogs, leaks, and ineffective flushing, might result from a toilet that needs to be better manufactured or designed.
  • A good toilet might be more comfortable if the seat is higher or the design is more ergonomic.
  • A good toilet can also use fewer resources, such as energy and water, which can save utility expenses and benefit the environment.
  • A combination of practicality and visual appeal in the toilet is essential for a bathroom to be useful and comfortable. Make sure you select the best possible toilet seat design.

Here are the some essential things to consider when choosing a toilet commode in Nepal

Seat Height

First and foremost, consider the seat height. Imagine the ease and comfort of sitting down and standing up effortlessly. A well-designed toilet commode offers a comfortable seat height, making it accessible to people of all ages and abilities. The height of a Western commode is essential to consider, as it affects both comfort and accessibility. Say goodbye to awkward bending and hello to a commode that effortlessly accommodates your needs.

Kohler Toilet Commode

Here are a few things to consider when considering the height of a Western commode:


The height of a Western toilet commode is typically 14 to 15 inches from the floor. Most people find this height to be comfortable. However, a higher or lower seat might be more comfortable for some people. Lower seat heights might be more comfortable for kids.


Some prefer a higher seat height for aesthetic reasons since it gives the bathroom a more contemporary, sleek look. Measure the available space to ensure your selected toilet will fit comfortably in your bathroom. The toilet’s height should also be appropriate for the size of the room.

Flush Type

Next, let’s delve into the flush type. A powerful flush ensures a clean bowl with each use and contributes to water conservation. Modern commodes boast innovative flush technologies that deliver a powerful and efficient flush while minimizing water usage. Embrace a commode that enhances hygiene and demonstrates your commitment to sustainable living.

Gravity Flush:

This is the most common type of flush and uses gravity to push waste into the sewer line. Kohler toilet commode in Nepal uses superior water conservation without compromising performance. It’s a reliable and efficient option.

Pressure-assisted Flush:

With this flush, waste is pushed down the drain using air pressure. It is a wonderful alternative for homes with older plumbing in commode toilets in Nepal and can potentially be more potent than a gravity flush.

Dual flush:

This type of flush allows the user to choose between a full flush & a reduced flush, which can save water. Kohler commode in Nepal incorporates a dual flush system to revolutionize your bathroom experience with two distinct flush options. The first flush option is a partial flush, ideal for liquid waste. For solid waste, the second flush option offers a full flush, providing a powerful surge of water to clean the bowl thoroughly.

Smart flush:

It uses sensors to detect usage and adjust the flush volume accordingly. Automated Sensing intelligently initiates the flush, promoting hygiene and eliminating the need for manual interaction resulting in a touchless experience.

Bidet-integrated flush:

Some toilets come with a bidet function allowing for a more thorough cleaning and can be more hygienic. With the integrated bidet functionality, you can enjoy warm water’s gentle yet invigorating cleansing, promoting exceptional personal hygiene.

Western Commode Seat

Now, let’s talk about the toilet commode seat itself. An ideal commode seat combines durability, comfort, and easy maintenance. Whether you prefer a sleek and contemporary design or a classic and timeless aesthetic, there is a commode seat that suits your style. Discover various materials and finishes to transform your bathroom into a personal oasis tailored to your unique taste.

Plastic seat:

The most typical and typically least expensive seat. They are also simple to maintain and clean.

Slow-close seat:

This type of seat has a hinge mechanism that allows it to close slowly and quietly, which can reduce noise and prevent slamming. Kohler toilet commode in Nepal is equipped with a Quiet-Close™ slim seat with the lid closed slowly and quietly without slamming.

Heated seat:

Some toilets have a heated seat, which can be more comfortable in cold weather. The in-line heater provides continuously heated water for consistent comfort. It comes equipped with five temperature settings.

Bidet toilet seat:

The Kohler Bidet toilet come with a bidet function integrated into the seat, which provides a more thorough cleaning and is more hygienic. Some Kohler commodes have a touchscreen remote control, two programmable user presets, and a carbon filter for odor control.


Installation is another crucial aspect to consider when choosing a commode. With advancements in design and technology, installing a commode has become more straightforward and hassle-free. Many commodes now have user-friendly installation systems, ensuring a seamless and secure fit. Choose a commode that provides easy installation, allowing you to enjoy your new bathroom addition without any unnecessary headaches.

Wall Mounted Closet

Also known as a one-piece toilet, wall mounted closet is a type of western commode that uses a concealed tank while the cistern is mounted on the wall. A wall-mounted closet is a good option for a modern and space-saving toilet.

This kind of toilet is floor- or wall-mounted. The tank is hidden behind the wall. It’s also simple to maintain and clean. However, it must be professionally installed and may cost more than paired closets. The tank, which is located on the wall, contains the flushing mechanism.

Coupled Closet

Also Known as a two-piece toilet. The most popular and straightforward way to install a toilet is this one. The tank and bowl are placed together as a single piece. It’s a choice that is simple to maintain and clean. It is the most popular and most straightforward type of toilet to install. The coupled closet is an affordable choice that would fit in most bathroom areas. The tank attached to the bowl underneath typically houses the flushing mechanism.


when selecting a toilet commode, aspire for excellence in form and function. Seek a commode that offers an ideal seat height for optimal comfort. This flush type balances power with water efficiency, a commode seat that combines durability with style, and a convenient and reliable installation process. Kohler bathroom commode in Nepal offers a wide range of options to select the ideal one that combines practicality with pleasing aesthetics.

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