Bit by bit // Routines are a product of simple tasks that are done on a daily basis. They outline our day to day life with a sense of conformity in our schedules. But introducing intent and purpose to routines can elevate their nature and enable us to have more pleasant and enticing experiences. A good routine has the potential to improve the organization, health and level of hygiene in one’s home. Let’s expand the possibilities of the daily checklist and consider the ways in which one can have a more organized routine, bringing some meaning to the days.


But first, coffee // Caffi-nating is something that we all enjoy in our own ways but keeping the preferences aside, the morning beverage (be it tea or coffee) is an idea that can rekindle the daily intention. The best of these experiences are attributed to high-quality water, as well as an Aquifer Filtration System which can rid your water from contaminants and impurities. Break out of the monotones of a routine and let the touchless, voice-controlled Kohler Konnect faucet do the heavy lifting. Let your coffee or tea mug rest under the faucet overnight and have it be ready to be filled with the melodies of your voice, kicking things off right in the morning. The touchless feature also shields you from the necessity of breaking the quiet of the dawn.


A better next step // Welcome a new flow of comfort which integrates elegance with utmost personal hygiene as you introduce a bidet seat to your routine. As the experience gets more and more refined, the need for a tissue goes away entirely. To enhance the experience further, consider self-cleaning toilets that come with a built-in innovative tank system that can add to the cleanliness with a simple flush. Reaching the epitome of cleanliness is certain with intelligent toilets which are thoroughly customizable in terms of usage, temperature and other aspects of personal hygiene.


Break a sweat // Indulge in the ideal complementary routine of integrating your exercise with positive momentum and for the days that show no room for the routine, a shower can be a great substitute to keep up with the health regiment. A steam shower can mimic the benefits of a mild cardio session and Kohler DTV+ digital showers offer total control of the showering experience, allowing you to orchestrate an interplay of your drops of luxury and the tunes of your heart.


Clean counter, clear mind // Simplicity and elegance submerge any environment in bliss which is why it is crucial to distress and declutter using a medicine cabinet that efficiently makes use of the space for items of varying configurations. The stored items may also comprise vanity accessories, leading to an impeccable organization of the personal space through smart storage solutions.


Put on your game face // A mirror can do much more than what it is traditionally expected to. Introducing music or one’s favourite podcast would serve as a gracious start to the day. Verdera Voice comes with a voice assistant that can be the determining factor for being able to efficiently manage time. Be free from the bounds of conventional and go hands-free to get up-to-date with the world. Add Bente Countertop accessories to organize the items that are used most frequently.


Maximize meal prep // There is a fine line between making lunch and crafting a meal as the latter can only be achieved with the right ingredients and equipment. Rinse, clean, chop and dice like a master while using an optimized sink like Prolific combined with kitchen accessories such as magnificent cutting boards, containers as well as colanders. Maximize the space while you prep your food, effortlessly and artistically.


Time to unwind //Unwinding after a long day can often be paramount and nothing trumps a relaxing bath that will help you decompress before getting in your beauty sleep. Adapting to a new routine for a unique bathing experience would let your body and mind prepare to wind down. Submerge in the tranquility with aromatic accessories to bring mist in your bath and bringing a book along with you will certainly be a good idea. Be mindful and intentional with the soak before cleaning and rinsing. Make use of your personal environment to rejuvenate with a mesmerizing bathing experience.


Building a routine, better // Kohler’s product experts and designers are best-suited to plan and optimize your space that ensures an experience unparalleled in your personal space and transforms your bathroom into a true getaway. Reach out to our Bathroom Design Service team and explore what lies beyond the ordinary.

Above all, you are what makes a bathroom special and it is your refined taste to which it shall appeal.

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