Key Considerations When Selecting Toilet Seats

Our bathrooms are places where we spend an adequate amount of time. One might think they don’t hold a special place, but that isn’t true. Hygiene and the bathroom go hand in hand. It’s a private space for self-care and relaxation. It rejuvenates, refreshes and re-energises our body and mind. Moreover, it can be a quiet space for introspection and contemplation of your day-to-day thoughts. The bathroom commode holds a significant space among all the usable bathroom elements. One might not be aware of the time we usually spend on our toilet seats, but it is substantial. A comfortable and secure Western toilet seat is essential for your toilet due to its almost daily use.

Choosing the best toilet seat for yourself can be confusing and overwhelming, with multiple options available today. Here are the factors you must consider while selecting the perfect toilet seat.

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1. Shape

An uncomfortable toilet seat is something you would never want to use. The shape and material of a toilet seat are just two of the numerous elements that can directly or indirectly affect how comfortable it is. The most crucial factor is the toilet seat’s shape. Moreover, there are two distinct styles of toilet seats: round and elongated. As their names imply, elongated toilet seats are oval and somewhat longer than round ones. They are pricier than circular seats but are more pleasant. On the other hand, round toilet seats are the most often used, least expensive, and have a round design.

People generally find elongated toilet seats more comfortable than round ones. The comfort level of a toilet seat is also influenced by the material used to make it. Certain toilet seats are more pleasant because they are made of easy-to-use material.

2. Material

When we talk about the material used in making lavatory seats, plastic seats top the list; they have become a popular and most used choice. Wood, ceramic, and porcelain are among the other options on the list.

High-gloss thermoplastic material is molded to create plastic toilet seats. They are robust and long-lasting, although they weigh far less than wood seats. In addition to being more color-contractual than wood chairs, plastic seats also withstand stains, wear, and chipping. Plastic hinges are typically included with plastic chairs, making cleanup simple.

Toilet seats made of wood or enameled wood feel incredibly sturdy and robust. Natural wood-finished seats provide a little warmth in a bathroom that is otherwise made of porcelain. Enameled wood seats’ lustrous, long-lasting finishes withstand wear, stains, and chips. Additionally, wood seats give the seat and lid a more “substantial” feel. Some wood seats include metal hinges instead of plastic to accommodate the greater weight. Additionally, wooden seats don’t get as chilly as plastic ones do.

Among the other toilet seat materials, porcelain and Ceramic toilet seats used to be the norm before plastic manufacturing became popular. Stainless steel toilet seats and toilets can be found in many public bathrooms because they can be cleaned easily.

3. Noise

Although it is usually overlooked, this factor must be taken into account. Living with children and light sleepers can make the sound of the toilet seat slamming after use rather bothersome. Choose a toilet seat with a close-cover mechanism or cushioning to reduce noise if you’d rather not. Padding lessens noise as the lid closes, and a soft-close toilet seat will close gradually, doing away with the loud bang.

Moreover, bidet toilets have automatic closing. You can program your bidet seat to open just the seat or both the seat and the lid when you approach it. When you have used the bidet seat, the lid and seat, depending on how you programmed it, will automatically close after 1 minute of inactivity.

4. Durability

Buying a new toilet seat every second year can become a pain. Nobody wants to reinvest to buy a new toilet seat soon after installing the last one. Generally, a wooden toilet seat is more robust than one composed of inexpensive plastic. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about them splitting or scratching as easily. But don’t let that deter you from using a plastic toilet seat—many choices are far more robust than wood could ever be. You can also install a toilet seat cover to make it more comfortable. Additionally, it can be a better option because it will be installed in an area that frequently experiences high dampness levels.

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Closing Thoughts

Bathrooms are more than everyday spaces; they are indispensable and vital for overall well-being and sanitation standards. The right toilet seats make your everyday usage all the better. When looking for premium and stylish toilet seats, look no further than Kohler toilet seats. They combine innovation and technology to make your everyday usage effortless. Go BOLD, GO KOHLER.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which seat is best for the toilet?

Kohler toilet seats are premium and user-friendly, combining innovative technology and features to make them the best.

2. Do all toilet seats fit all toilets?

It varies based on the shape. Usually, round and elongated are the two popular toilet seat types. Based on the shape, you can select the toilet seat type.

3. What is a Western toilet seat called?

Western-style toilets are often referred to as sitting toilets. Sitting toilets are more convenient than squat toilets for people with disabilities and the elderly.

4. Are higher toilet seats better?

It varies from person to person. Usually, a standard height is better since it allows all users, including kids, ladies, and the elderly, to use them efficiently.

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