Bathroom Taps: Wide Range & Factors to Consider for a Style Statement

Smaller fittings shouldn’t be overlooked while focusing on the significant parts of the bathroom. Bringing all the components together will make the bathroom more appealing, creating a breathtaking atmosphere while complimenting the type of bathroom. Every piece is designed to serve a specific purpose, and every purpose makes the bathroom look complete. Ever wondered what makes a complete bathroom? Integrating every small to large accessory harmonizes functionality and aesthetics and adds to the look and feel of the bathrooms. One of the desirable elements is bathroom taps.  

Whether you want to design or revamp your bath space, bathroom taps are a crucial component that can impact your everyday routine and enhance your bathroom aesthetics. They are designed in various designs and styles, made of different materials, to provide convenience and luxury. Bathroom taps give you streamlined access to water at different temperatures and pressures for washing or bathing. Moreover, they can help you create a style statement, upgrading the visual appeal of the space.

Therefore, a comprehensive range of bathroom taps and factors will help you choose the right one for your bathrooms. This ensures you invest in your bathroom style and practicality the right way and embrace a change in your lifestyle.

Wall-Mounted Taps

Wall-mounted taps are the category that is designed to fit against the wall. These types work as space-saving and intelligent integrations into today’s bathroom designs. From high-quality, durable material to a sleek and minimal finish, wall-mounted taps are a great addition to the space’s form and function.

Free-Standing Taps

The taps that stand on the floor or surface without touching the wall are free-standing. It is structured as the most stylish and elegant bathroom fitting that is true to its performance and is a durable choice for modern bathroom aesthetics.

Pillar Taps

One of the most traditional yet highly functional, pillar taps are the most common type of bathroom tapware. They are designed to rise over the basin with a vertical inlet and a single handle from which you can access hot and cold water temperatures.

Mixer Taps

A bathroom wall mixer tap is a type of tap that is mounted not over the countertop or basin but against the wall. A wall mixer tap is true to its design and practicality, featuring the ability to draw two different temperatures, hot and cold, from a single spout.

Ball-Type Tap

A tap type is where a ball is fitted inside to operate and regulate the water flow and varying temperatures. Though designed with a traditional appeal, it is an excellent addition to modern bathroom aesthetics.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Bathroom Tap

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Bathroom Tap

Now that you know the diverse tap styles and designs, it’s crucial that you choose the right one to upgrade your space and experience. Here are some of the factors that you can consider:


Design is that element that contributes to the bathroom’s aesthetics, amplifying the overall ambience. Now, it depends on which design you prefer—traditional, modern, etc.—that works wonders for your space.

Water Pressure

When choosing a tap, the main concern should always be the functionality, like the water pressure, temperature controls, etc. So select the bath tap that stands out, handling the different water pressures and controls.


Choosing a tap that is the epitome of performance. It must ensure quality, durability, and performance over the long term. Whether you prefer a single-spout tap, mixer tap, or any other type, consider how it functions and whether it meets your requirements.


Ensure that your bathroom tap is compatible with other fixtures and fittings. This ensures top-notch performance with reduced maintenance frequency.


Know what tap size you prefer based on your sink design and size. If you have a small basin, a compact design tap will compliment it, and if the basin size is large, a normal-sized fancy faucet will work.

You can create a style statement with the right choice of bathroom tapware. Available in different colours, patterns, sizes, finishes, and styles, it’s time that you revamp your space by choosing a masterpiece from Kohler Nepal.

Kohler features an extensive range of new tap designs to offer a spark in your bathrooms. Now, your daily routine can be turned into the most enjoyable task of all time: accessing ample water and functioning the effortless mechanism. These taps also contribute to conserving the water by preventing leakages, contributing to sustainability.

It’s time to explore Kohler’s creation and bring home a masterpiece!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which brand is best for taps?

Considering the quality, durability, and performance of the taps, Kohler is one of the most preferred and finest choices on the market.

2. When should I replace my tap?

These are the signs that indicate you need to replace your tap: continued dripping, noise, reduced water pressure, stiff handles, worn-out washers, etc.

3. Which types of taps save water?

Sensor taps are one of the best taps that can save a lot of water.

4. What is the standard bathroom tap size?

Bathroom taps come in various sizes, but the standard size ranges around 28mm for the bath tap and around 22mm for the basin tap.

5. What are the types of taps?

From traditional to modern, the list of tap types is extensive: wall-mounted, free-standing, pillar taps, mixer taps, washer taps, cartridge taps, ball-type taps, etc.

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