Exploring Diverse Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern bathrooms are much more than a functional space in today’s era. The toilet bathroom design has undergone a paradigm shift in the decades gone by. Let’s start with the 1950s, when the focus was on functional usage. Basic utilitarian spaces with practical fixtures. Fuss-free and meeting the primal needs was the basic ask.

In the 1970’s-1980’s saw the introduction of colour expressions. Vibrant hues started making a mark. The usage of different colours personifying different expressions became mainstream. The selection of different colours or art to evoke specific feelings or meaning became a testament to their appreciation of colours in different bathroom and toilet designs.

The emergence of luxury became a hit in the 1990s-2000s. Fascinating features and innovative technology were starting to set its feet firm in the restroom design ideas. Spa-inspired features, the need for larger layouts, and the introduction of lavish amenities became the benchmark for bathroom style ideas.

However, in the 2010s-2020s, a sort of vintage revival happened with the minimalist revolution in the making. Clean lines, neutral tones, and streamlined designs dominated the domain.

With the bathroom design ever-evolving, the current trend is a mixed bag. With the fusion of contemporary and traditional, some old designs catch up, while some are improvised versions of the current ones. Here are the top toilet bathroom design ideas integral to holistic home design concepts.

1) Make Use of Many Mirrors

As the bathroom illustration above shows, a full-length mirror may make a small space appear larger. This divides a large bathroom or is a focal point over a washbasin. Mirrors can be used to reflect light from lights and windows around the space.

2) Incorporating slim glass panels

The shower, which is tiled and has no curbs to allow for ageing-in-place, is lit by a big, linear window. They create brightness to maximize natural light. It creates an illusion of more space than in reality. 

toilet bathroom design

3) Floating Wall Mounted Toilets

A wall-mounted toilet is an excellent option in small bathrooms when space is limited since it frees up significant floor space and lets you keep your legs out of the way. If mounting your toilet to the wall is not an option, consider extending your vanity top to create a narrow ledge or adding shelves above the tank for extra storage.

4) Reflective or Framed glass in your shower

Replace your outdated shower curtain with a frameless glass panel. Additionally, it will allow a lot more light into your shower or bathtub. Sophistication is the game’s name with framed glass to elevate visual appeal. You can also customize & personalize your design to match your style.

5) Put Up Some Cafe Curtains

Café curtains are a stylish way to give seclusion to your home without sacrificing your view. They allow making a cosy ambience while coordinating with your décor theme seamlessly. You are given a choice to mix and match with different patterns and textures to suit your style.

6) Verticalize space, not horizontalize

In small bathrooms, storage space is typically the first thing to go. There may be rentable space on the walls when floor space is at a premium. Install recessed medicine cabinets with mirror doors over the sink. Consider installing open shelving and cupboards on the walls for storage.

7) Vibe with Wallpapers

Although it’s not the most obvious location for a focal wall, if it works, it works regardless of your opinion. The final detail in the bathroom is the typographic wall art. You can express your creativity with different designs and unique themes available to personalize and express yourself. Moreover, they are washable, wipeable, hassle-free materials that are easy to maintain.

8) Pebble shaped toilet

Look about for a superior bathroom. With its smooth pebble form, it takes a moment for this oddly shaped fixture to register as a toilet. The curvy design is an instant hit. Inspired by the cavemen’s era designs. It has a distinct allure, making it an instant hit with the masses and classes. 

9) Play with Partition 

Put a divider between the spaces with the tub, washbasin and toilet. This finishing touch could give the room a sense of mystery and expansion. The partition spaces can make different zones to maximize space with minimum effort. 

10) Illuminate with Lighting

It’s essential to consider the ambient light. Even the most basic and unwelcoming bathroom designs may be made to seem cosier with perimeter lighting. Completely recessed LED strips have a sleek, subtle appearance.

popular bathroom design ideas

Closing Thoughts

You can incorporate these popular bathroom design ideas to make a personalized space. While looking for bathroom accessories to make your bathroom stand out, KOHLER is your one-stop shop for premium bathroom fixtures. GO BOLD, GO KOHLER.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a universal design bathroom?

Universal bathroom design is the one that caters to the individual needs irrespective of age and usage.

2. Which toilet design is best?

There are many designs, such as single-piece, two-piece, and wall-mounted. You can choose according to your needs & usage.

3. What is a luxurious toilet?

Luxurious toilets have cutting-edge features and technology to make your usage exemplary.

4. What pattern makes a small bathroom look bigger?

You can make use of patterned floors to make your bathroom look bigger.

5. What are the three types of bathroom layouts?

Master, guest, and half bathroom layouts are the three types.

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