Reflections of Style: A Comprehensive Mirror Selection Guide

Mirror is one of the quickest ways to change the feeling of a space. They always carry the ability to reflect your true image to aid you in your grooming and styling routine. Nowadays, mirrors come integrated with storage options for functional and organized space. It can complement your surrounding décor for cohesive bathroom aesthetics.

Mirrors can style any room. It can make your bathroom stand out similarly. Large bathroom mirrors can be placed to reflect natural light, making a space brighter. They create the illusion of extra space and help add activity by giving the eye more to look at in small spaces. Moreover, it can create the perception of space, making the room feel larger.

Whether looking for a big or small bathroom mirror to open a space, you may wonder how to choose the right mirror for your wall.

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Select the Right Size of the Mirror

Size is one of the most crucial factors in selecting the bathroom mirror. Mirrors carry the capacity to make your space seem more significant. For a small bathroom, you can opt for a mirror with no frame or a very discreet one. You must also pay attention to height to avoid awkward gaps or overcrowding.

You can opt for large mirrors for spacious and open-feeling bathrooms. And You need to pay attention between the mirror and countertop for functionality purposes. If you are lucky enough to have abundant room, you can experiment with various possibilities, including mirrors with odd shapes, ornate frames, and large pieces. The width of the basin and the ceiling height are the sole guidelines to follow here.

Choose the Perfect Position for Mirror

When you have selected the right size, the next step is to go for the perfect hanging position. The thumb rule says the bathroom mirror should no longer be wider than the wash basin. It should also be perfectly aligned with the vanity unit or cabinet for a balanced effect.

The basin and mirror bottom distance must be between 10 and 20 cm. If you have a particularly small mirror, you can leave up to 30 cm. You should ensure that it is at eye level when standing. In addition, mirror cleaning is something you will be involved in daily. So, it is advised to keep the mirror at a comfortable height for cleaning purposes.

Select the Right Shape

Mirrors come in different shapes, and a huge variety is available nowadays. One thing to follow is the consistency pattern with the basin shape. Mirror has always been a distinct stylistic element that can also be disruptive.

Traditional and unconventional forms have many takers. It all depends on your taste and preferences. You can opt for rectangular, oval, round, or square shapes if you want traditional shapes. Each shape has its own significance.

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The rectangular shape signifies balance, stability, and practicality in design. The oval represents a softness, fluidity, and a welcoming atmosphere. The round shape is known for unity, continuity, and a harmonious environment. The square shape reflects strength, solidity, and structured modern aesthetics.

However, unconventional designs signify uniqueness, creativity, versatility, and innovation. It presents a challenge to traditional norms, reigniting innovation and interest. The unique and funky style differentiates your space with striking visual appeal.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Great lighting can make your grooming process in front of the mirror effortless. A critical parameter in the lighting scheme is the area immediately above the basin. You have optimal visibility without changing how you see your skin tone or creating dark corners.

Adjustable spotlights are ideal for creating a uniform light distribution over the entire face. Lighting illuminates, the face for accurate grooming and makeup application. In addition, it can enhance the ambience to create a flattering and inviting atmosphere. It helps to minimize the shadows to spread the illumination evenly across the face. 

You can opt for a Verdara Voice bathroom mirror with lights with Kohler Connect, which has voice control. The LED mirror is equipped with shadowless dimmable lighting with music streaming. The vanity mirror with embedded speakers lets you get ready in style while listening to your favourite music. It also comes with a nightlight to help you during the nighttime.

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Hang around more than one mirror

You can also play with multiple mirrors, especially in a large bathroom. This approach is always recommended for a long bathroom or a double basin. It helps to make the bathroom appear much larger, offering greater visibility. You can place mirrors facing each other.

Another interesting thing is installing mirrors at varying heights for dynamic visual impact. You can use mirrors to form an illusion of depth and dynamics.

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Closing Thoughts

Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the best of them all? When looking for premium quality bathroom mirrors, Kohler stands out as a trusted name. Whether looking for LED mirrors or vanity mirrors, Kohler mirrors come with a wide range. The superior design with 100% silver coating makes them truly amazing. The HD mirror for sharper reflection has superior corrosion resistance. It also has an advanced 8-layer process involving cutting-edge technology and innovation. Go bold, Go Kohler for the ultimate bathroom makeover.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do mirrors do in a space?

Mirrors help the space seem bigger, apart from helping in the grooming process in the bathroom.

2. Is it good to have a mirror in the bathroom?

Yes, it helps you get ready and adds a visual appeal to your bathroom.

3. Where should a mirror be placed in a bathroom?

A mirror should be placed above the wash basin as it helps you to get ready. It also helps with daily activities such as brushing, washing, and shaving.

4. What type of mirror is best for a bathroom?

It all depends on your usage and preference. You can choose different shapes and sizes based on your bathroom size and taste.

5. Is a bigger mirror better in a bathroom?

A bigger mirror is useful based on your bathroom size. However, you can go for a larger size in a smaller bathroom to create an illusion of a bigger space.

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