6 Innovative Bathtub Fittings that Redefine Your Bathing Experience in 2024 

Bathtubs are the most prominent and soothing way to relax and thoroughly cleanse your body. They are that part of bathroom design that can evoke spa-like sensory appeal even in your home. While bathtubs may appear simple, they have highly innovative bathtub fittings that maintain functionality and practicality.

The fittings together make the bathtub function efficiently and effortlessly, maintaining your level of satisfaction. Every fitting is uniquely designed to serve a different purpose. Appearing sleek and minimal, these bathtub fittings ensure that your bathing experience turns out enjoyable and convenient, too. From fixing things together to bringing the water accessibility to function and creating a complimentary appeal, bathtub faucets and fittings work wonders.

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Kohler High Quality Bathtub Fittings

Read the entire blog to dive deep into the list of fittings that curate up a complete bathtub in your heart and place desires for an enriched experience. Here are some of them:

1. Bath Drain

A bath drain fitting is a component that bridges the gap between the bathtub and the plumbing system. This enables the shower to drain water back into the system. This bath drain is meticulously designed to prevent water from overflowing into the pipe, releasing it at a controlled rate.  

The bath drain is one of the essential fittings that ensure proper hygiene in your bathroom, preventing water from stagnating in the tub.  

2. Rim

The rim is the mouth of your bathtub, formed over to a finished flat edge, the component that serves two purposes. One is to provide a sturdy base for the tub to rest on, and the other is to catch the excessive water that overflows from the tub. They are considered timeless classics that add a touch of sophistication to your space.

3. Bathtub Faucet

A bathtub faucet is a fitting component that is a main part of the creation of any accessory that gives access to water. The faucets here are designed to pressurize and direct the water to flow out of the spout. They offer smooth control over the different temperatures and water pressures. Overall, they allow a seamless transition between different water settings.

4. Bathtub Drain Stopper

A bathtub drain stopper is a small fitting designed to keep water from draining. While you take a bath in the tub, this is the fitting used to fix the drainage system to maintain the water in the tub. Or, later, you can remove the stopper to let the water drain off.

5. Tub Spout Diverter

A tub spout diverter or diverter pipe is a common fitting, especially in bathtubs with shower heads. It is a component designed to divert or centralize water flow toward a single area. The bathroom fitting designs have evolved a lot, and mixer taps have become very common where there’s a common diverter for hot and cold water to flow off.

6. Shut-Off Valve

Two main kinds of shutoff valves enable you to control the water supply to your home: fixture valves and primary valves. These fixtures have a separate stop valve running from the supply tube to your fixture. If you want to turn off the water supply at all the taps, close the main shut-off valve, and vice versa. These fittings are so convenient to control and manage the water flow in the entire house.

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Final Thoughts

Be it a freestanding tub faucet or a wall-mounted bathtub faucet, every bath fitting is designed meticulously to serve its purpose. Beyond serving the purpose, these fittings are what your bathroom look desires! It ensures a balanced and harmonious ambience, from a sleek and simple appearance to a complimentary outlook. A balanced bathroom environment is responsible for lifting your mood and energizing you for the day ahead.  

What could be more satisfying than investing in fittings that are true to their quality and performance over the years? Kohler is a premium choice for all bathtub fittings and fixtures, catering to diverse bathroom types. Now, you can find solutions for all types of bathrooms with Kohler Nepal! Installing top-quality fittings in your bathroom space is just an extension of your every-day rejuvenation. Your light and bright days are just around the corner. What are you waiting for? Invest in a lifetime of bathtub fittings and indulge in the joy of bathing every morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are bathtub fittings?

A functional collection of components that features bathroom accessories. It includes faucets, taps, roll and towel holders, soap dispensers, valves, diverters, stoppers, etc.

2. Can bathtub fixtures be changed?

Yes, bathtub fixtures can be changed.

3. Can you remove the bath drain?

Yes, you can remove the bath drain when done with the purpose.

4. Can you replace the bathtub faucet?

Yes, you can replace the bathtub faucet.

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