Kohler Bathtubs Which Redefine Comfort & Craftsmanship

Are you the proud owner of a bathtub? No one else, but you will truly understand how bathtubs really accentuate the process of bathing. For most of us, bathtubs are comfort spaces where we unwind after a long and tiring time. They calm you down, rejuvenate your senses and refresh you instantly. These spaces are often ‘cosy’ corners, which have now found home in most households around the world. They occupy our personal space, act as statement pieces and are often the most loved element in a bathroom.

One brand that has particularly created a niche in the sanitary fixture industry in the last two centuries is Kohler. The brand has constantly built, launched and reimagined bathing spaces like never before. With time, the brand brought in excellent additions like the World’s Slimmest Bathroom Suite, premium bathtubs and smart toilets, which has exceeded every customer’s requirements. Well, it is one of the world’s renowned brands that has revolutionized the sanitary ware market and has consistently remained on top of its game. Over the years, Kohler’s mind blowing additions and designs in sanitary ware have impressed customers to stay hooked to the brand for all their minute and premium requirements.

Now, if you are looking for the best-looking, finest material and high-resistance bathtubs by Kohler, we have you covered. Take a look:

Freestanding Baths

Kohler Freestanding Bathtub

Kohler’s freestanding baths are timeless and an excellent choice of bathtub for any home. Some of its premium bathtubs, like the freestanding bathtub by Kohler, include the Heated BubbleMassage™ air bath with Bask® heated surface and fluted shroud to enhance bathing experiences for every individual. Some of its features are its heat settings that allow customisation of the surface temperature, air jets to release heated bubbles, automatic and manual purge cycles, built-in electric heater and more. Kohler freestanding baths blend classic designs with built-in technology for comfortable cleansing that renews one’s spirits.

Hydrotherapy Baths

The hydrotherapy baths are components that will elevate your bathroom experience. Kohler hydrotherapy baths are incredibly relaxing and refreshing experiences with air jets, full body massage and BubbleMassage hydrotherapy. These hydrotherapy baths include variable-speed blowers and integrated whirlpool baths and faucets. These baths are a wholesome mix of design, aesthetics and technology, accentuating your bath’s feel every time you’re in there.

Alcove Baths

An alcove bathtub fits perfectly into a modern and small-sized bathroom. These baths can be installed in all types of bathrooms. These baths come in varied shapes and sizes with structures like hourglass shapes and very delicate curves. Some of Kohler’s alcove baths have adjustable jets, an integral flange to prevent water from leaking, and textured bottom surfaces.

These baths have been given new forms by Kohler to bring harmony to your bathroom’s design.

Drop-In Baths

Kohler’s collection of high-quality drop-in baths has been well thought out and curated by top designers who are experts in their domains. These drop-in baths not only offer comfort but also make quite the impression. They fit into the smallest spaces and help you have the style aesthetic you must’ve imagined. The drop-in baths by Kohler come with varied technological integrations that help you match up to the rest of your home, maintain a stylish look and simultaneously provide you with the option to go for a quick upgrade in your bathroom.

Undermount Baths

Undermount baths by Kohler are everything you need to make your bathroom feel like a spa. These bathtubs have minor differences from the Kohler drop-in baths. The undermount baths are incorporated with the best of Kohler’s technologies and features. The undermount baths have a flat rim, unlike the drop-in bathtubs. One of the prominent reasons why most homeowners wish to have undermount baths is due to the sleek appearance that it brings to any bathroom that it is installe-d in.


Kohler’s bathtubs come in varied luxurious and premium ranges, which redefine the world of bathtubs and truly merge classical themes and modern, contemporary features. These bathtubs are available in different colours, shapes, and sizes, which suit all kinds of bathrooms, be it a vintage-themed one or a minimalist and sleek-themed bathroom.

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