Designing with English Inspirations


Any designer’s purpose is to ease out the functionality of a space but with class. It is always fun to experiment with English designs. English artwork brings beauty and maturity to every room. Not to forget the aesthetic as well. When someone talks about English furniture along with extensive use of veneer, and walls draped with silk.

Room is decorated with rich and vibrant colours which bring out the boldness of a room but are also not very harsh to the eyes. These colours bring out the true beauty of the room. The deadly combination of dark veneer panels with off-white silk walls is very soothing. This decor decked with soft mood lighting takes the aura of the room to another level.

How are today's bathrooms designed?

Like any other bathroom fitting, the primary function is always kept above. The first priority of any designer or interior decorator is to simplify the usage of a space. Then comes making that place a beautiful place by adding fancy faucets, designer basins and classic finishes.

Bathroom Fitting

Gold and Glitter

The most classic colour which can be used anywhere is Gold. It adds brightness and a sense of elegance to the whole space, given that it is used tastefully. But it is important to make sure that the Golden colour does not get spoiled or eroded. So, one has to be careful in cleaning the colour and material.

Bathroom Accessories

Spacious and Airy bathrooms? How to maintain this?

It is very important that a bathroom is always clean and there is no compromise in the ventilation of the bathroom. We make sure that all Kohler bathroom design nepal are well aerated and have big windows, an exhaust that keeps the bad smell out. Always place a scented candle in the bathroom as a bathroom accessories to add a nice touch to the whole space.

Sonal Makhija Kava, Design Director, ARK Interiors & Consultants, Mumbai

“Playing a vital role in the success, and growth of the company since the inception of ARK, we are focused to deliver something fresh, and brilliant to the clients. With dedication and hard-work, we have championed the expansion of the Design Studio from Private Residential to Signature Offices. Our vision to understand every facet of the design process makes the client’s journey easy, happy and satisfying.”