This bathroom is dripping in artistic appeal. The primary colours on the walls exude a contemporary vibe, and the tropical pattern adds a touch of charm. The Briolette basin blends seamlessly with the space’s design while various textures and graphical elements come together to make this bathroom one-of-a-kind. Florals will come alive when you walk into this Kohler Nepal Bathroom with all the colours, exquisite designs and creative blend.

Bright & Bold Colour Bathroom


Valve tall faucet

When we talk about solid colours, this water closet will be the first thing that you will come across. The illustrative designs and the colourful walls are a great addition to the bright pastel hues of the Monstera patterned wallpaper. Complementing the drama and dimension to the space is the Vox forefront and Valve tall faucet. It gives the touch of opulence and subtle grandeur.


ModernLife basin

People often think that neutral colours take away the charm of a design. But this bathroom is the perfect example of magnificence through neutral decor.

The hexagonal tiles flooring from wall to floor add a dramatic influence to the modern-day look. The black and white Terrazzo is indeed a combination to bow down to. Special attention has been given to the arches are given for dividing the room into different zones. The ModernLife basin presents the urbaneness while the elegance has been put forward with the bathtub. The gold-hued Valve Tall faucet talks luxury from every angle.

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