A Collection of Mirrors by Kohler

Mirrors are an important part of bathrooms. Every design has its own effect on a bathroom. Kohler Nepal has a beautiful collection of mirrors. View our collection and choose a mirror that suits your style and fits well in your bathroom.

Benefits of Kohler HD Mirrors

Inbuilt digital clock

Keep a track of your time with the inbuilt digital clock.

Light up your bathroom with an illuminated mirror

Kohler has a collection of mirrors that come with illuminated mirrors. This can light up your whole bathroom, especially the grooming area.

Kohler Mirror

Adjust brightness with your preference

The illumination touch gives you the control to adjust the level of brightness of the mirror.

Haze free

The mirrors have an inbuilt defogger which keeps the visibility of mirrors intact even in high humidity.

Changing lights with LEDs

The mirrors have three LEDs which change colour depending on the temperature.

Vanity mirrors with lights

Wave to turn the switch

The mirrors support touchless switches, with a simple gesture or wave of hand, you can turn on and off the mirror.

Powerful sensors

Even from a distance the sensors of mirrors catch the direction. Turn the lights on or off from a distance as well.

Play music with bluetooth speakers

Start your day with some music in the background, the mirrors have bluetooth speakers which function to your preference.

The defogger of the mirror is added to support a clear reflection even when the humidity in the bathroom rises. The feature acts as a barrier for the haze.

The lighting of mirrors is adjusted in a way that makes grooming for you easy and convenient. The mirror collection has the best LED lighting which works well in all scenarios. It can be bright when the task requires detailed attention, it can be dim for a relaxed bath.

The Vanity mirrors with lights has the best technology and depending on the mood, whether one wants daylight or dim lighting, the lighting can be changed. The lighting temperature ranges from 3000K to 6500K

Vanity Mirrors
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