Kohler Nepal Vanities are created with very fine raw material and designed with modern ideas. One vanity can help any space or room get more organised and also add more beauty.

Exceptional Quality

A kohler vanity is created with high quality HDHMR material that is most suited to all sorts of bathroom conditions. Kohler’s Bathroom Vanity Cabinets are meant to declutter the space, and make the bathroom look more presentable. The material used to build the vanities is water resistant, has higher endurance and a scratch resistant surface.

Strong structure

Kohler’s Bathroom vanity cabinets are built to hold a heavy weight of 250 kgs, with drawers and hinges tested over 1 lac cycles.

Fungi Resistant

The material used is termite and antifungal. One can be assured that their Kohler’s bathroom vanity cabinets will not be attacked by termite or any other thing

Organised Accessories

The Bathroom Vanity designs are intelligently created which provide a lot of space for all bathroom accessories. The cabinets add room and give a clean look to the bathroom. One can place all of their grooming accessories in these cabinets.

Extra Vessels

The vanity collection of Kohler, Prologue and Luxe, is compatible with Kohler vessels which can be installed separately as well for more space and better organisation.

5 Year Warranty

Prologue Vanities and Makeup Vanity Mirror

The Prologue vanity collection is curated with designs inspired by the Bauhaus environment A minimal design collection, these vanities are created with light coloured textures that add simplicity to the bathroom. These vanities are best paired with a makeup vanity mirror, which completes the look of a bathroom. The Prologue vanities are available in natural oak- matte finish and light taupe finish- gloss pu finish.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

The Luxe vanities

The Luxe vanities collection under Kohler is designed by taking inspirations from the sails of a boat. The harmonious lines of this vanity take inspiration from the lines of the sails. The geometric precision and designs collaborate to create an elegant designed vanity which adds space and class to a bathroom. This collection comes in vivid tones of Titanium grey in Gloss pu finish and natural oak in matte finish.

Bathroom Vanity Designs

Terrace Vanities

Designed to completely change the look of a room, the terrace vanity makes a bold statement with its design and storage capacity. A perfect match for all modern homes, this vanity is designed with the latest technology. The L shaped design and roomy cabinets support waste management and look contemporary.

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