A minor update in the house or the entire renovation, whatever it is, choosing a shower is a crucial part of the process. With so many options available in the industry, picking the proper wash basin may be a bit of an ordeal. Avoid this dilemma as we are here to guide you through the journey. Choosing the wrong Wash Basin for the bathroom will impact your bathing experience negatively. Let us give you some quick tips to select the best bathroom wash basin to avoid the hassles. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Size and shape of the basin

small sized wash basin is trendy these days as it is convenient. For obvious reasons, it tends to be the real space saver. While opting for a perfect bathroom basin, do consider its size and shape. It mainly arrives in circular and rectangular shapes. Rounder basin heads are more famous as they cover less area than rectangular ones. If you want a direct flow experience, go for a minor basin. However, the size of the basin mostly depends on the size of the bathroom and how much area you want to cover with it.

Small Size Wash Basin for Bathroom

Spray settings and faucets

Tap on the same setting daily for individuals who like to use the bathroom wash basin; you do not have to worry about spray settings. If you use the basin for other household purposes, too, you must opt for a study spray with multiple settings. Next, the faucet’s design decides how the bathroom’s overall look will come out to be. If you are looking for a basin bathroom or remodel ideas, opt for a single hole, vessel or auto center set as they look aesthetic.

Basin materials

It will probably be the best option if you look deeper into the material aspect while buying a bathroom basin. You can move forward with the following type of material

Glass Basin

As the name signifies it is made of glass. These kinds of basins allocate the outstanding look to your bathroom. However, a glass basin requires excessive care. So, if you have kids at home then a glass basin is not recommended for you.

Marble or stone basin

The most durable and stylish bathroom & Kitchen Wash Basin Design could be a marble basin. Here you can freely experiment with colors and designs since you need not doubt about its functionality.

Bathroom Wash Basin Design


It is impossible to complete the list of basin materials without mentioning Ceramic. Without any doubt, ceramic is the most widely picked basic and also adds on to the robust style and finish of your bathroom.

Final Words

If you are all set to remodel your bathroom with the best Kohler bathroom basin designs then Kohler Nepal is your one-go destination. However, keep all these factors in mind, narrow down the options and compare them with each other after analyzing your requirements.

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