Kohler Nepal is known for its distinctive kitchen and bathroom ideas, faucets and fixtures. To suit and complement every bathroom, Kohler Nepal has a variety of wash basin designs. Kohler’s every wash basin, be it for kitchen or bathroom brings out the best of every space and upgrades the functionality as well.


This shape of the basin is built in the top counter and it makes a cut-out shape in the counter. It is referred to as undermount because it is installed in the countertop of the kitchen or bathroom. The semi-inset basin sticks out of the countertop either from the height or the depth. A kohler wash basin designs is usually the undermount or semi-inset basin, but people can opt for other designs as well.

Wash Basin Design


One of the most common designs for bathrooms is the Countertop basin design. Looks chic, modern and equally efficient when it comes to working. At this time, the countertop wash basin is one of the most sold and popular designs in the market. In this design, the wash basin is installed on top of the basin. Next is the tall countertop wash basin. It is somewhere in the middle of a countertop and freestanding basin. The height of the wash basin from floor level is a little high in this design but it looks equally pleasing in a bathroom.

Basin Design


Like the name suggests, a free standing wash basin is a basin that can fit and be installed anywhere in the bathroom. Inspired by the design of a standard pedestal, a free standing basin looks new and brings freshness to a space. It can be installed on a wall or in the middle of a bathroom as well. It looks best in a large bathroom rather than a small bathroom.

Wash Basin Sink

These are the basic designs, and one can explore the whole catalogue and designs of Kohler’s wash basins for their bathrooms and kitchens. One can easily find out their fit, and a sink plus wash basin that will be of their taste and will never compromise on the efficiency and functionality.


  • Question- What should be the maximum height of wash basin from the floor level
  • Ans. The recommendations are to place the washbasin at a height of 85-90cm from the floor.
  • Question- What is a good wash basin design size?
  • Ans. The typical diameter of wash basin designs for the bathroom and dining room is between 16 and 20 inches.
  • Question- Which kitchen sink is the most suitable for a home?
  • Ans. Kohler wash basin, CERAMIC, ACRYLIC etc are the best for Kitchen Sink
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