Mini Guide to Selecting the Best Toilet Seat

What's the one thing that creates the ultimate home comfort? Well, that's your toilet seat for sure. It is impossible to imagine your home without an excellent toilet seat. However, it is not an extremely hyped topic but marking the proper selection of your toilet ware is equally crucial to any other home stuff. Thus, we have decided to help you out. Here you can check out the things you should keep in mind while choosing the best toilet. So, let's set the new toilet goals for your home with no delays.

Don't miss on dimensions

Believe it or not, missing the dimensions of your toilet can lead to some real issues. Therefore, choosing an apt size toilet size is of great significance. The best part about the Toilet Commode is that one standard size fits all.

But, just in case, if your toilet is really small, then we would suggest you take the measurements and select your toilet seat accordingly. At the time of capturing the dimensions, focus on the width and length of the bowl. That's how you can end up buying the best toilet for your home.

Best Material for Toilet Seat

Now, once you are done with the dimension, you should look into the part of the materials. You can finalize your seat based on the following materials:

Duroplast Toilets

Duroplast is one of the most modern and durable materials when it comes to toilet seats. It is highly resistant to corrosive products and UV light. This material is a compressed plastic that contains other fibre for attending the perfect modelling.

Wooden Toilets

Standing out on the edges of style, grace and usability, wooden toilets are yet another vibrant option that you can go for. The wooden, material toilet seats are popularly known for the ultimate comfort and class apart features.

Wooden Toilets

Thermoplastic Toilets

You can consider resin as the upgraded version of thermoplastic. These toilet seats are tall and easy to clean. Hence, if you are looking for a different material that syncs well with every expectation, give resin a try.


Discussing the side of one-piece toilet seat types before buying your perfect commode is a big must. There are four types of toilet seats:

Soft Close Seats

Soft close is one of the most widely bought types of toilet seats. Fitting well with the budget and purpose, soft close seats always emerge as the best option. Do not forget to look for these seats while checking Toilet Seat Price in Nepal.

Toilet Seat Price in Nepal

Ultra Slim Seats

Designed to provide the ultimate modern style bathroom look, ultra slim seats are one of the gem options. Not only that, but these seats create the illusion of more oversized bathrooms.

Bidet Seats

Coming straight from the legacy of the intelligent world, Bidet Seats are such a legendary invention. Bidet seats could be your permanent saviour if you seek the top-notch commode type.

Bidet Seats

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