Finding Your Perfect Seat: A Toilet Seat Selection Guide

Our bathrooms are more than a place of purification for us, and we spend an adequate amount of our lives there. Of course, not every toilet seat is the same. Though toilets don’t have extensive duties, they open, flush, and close, but a suitable toilet seat can affect you in many ways.

Given how significant a toilet seat can be in your everyday life, choosing the best toilet seat is essential. For comfortable toilet seats, many factors need to be considered, and you need to select the one that suits you best. Many details should be considered when buying a new toilet seat.

It starts with toilet seat types, seat shape, installation ease, cleanliness ease, and the various features you must consider before taking the final call. Let’s start with the toilet seat type and take it from there.

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Types of Toilet Seats

Elongated Toilet Seats

Elongated toilet seats are slightly longer than traditional round seats and feature an oval shape. They are considered a bit more comfortable but are more costly. They can be found in a variety of colors and materials.

Since small bathrooms have limited space, elongated seats can turn bulky in tight spaces. You need to select a slim-profile elongated seat for space efficiency. There can be an installation challenge with elongated seats. It can be tricky to install in some layouts. You can opt for quick-install elongated seats for hassle-free setup.

Moreover, elongated seats can mismatch with traditional bathroom designs. Some elongated seats might not match with quintessential bathroom styles. Hence, you can look for conventional design options in elongated seats.

Another factor to consider is the higher cost of elongated seats. They are more expensive as compared to other seat types. But the premium design allows you to splurge out a bit more and opt for this style.

Round Toilet Seats

Round toilet seats are rounder and shorter than elongated seats. These are the most common seats you encounter in your home usage. Round toilet seats are less expensive than those of their siblings. One of the points to keep in mind is the discomfort during use. A circular shape is less ergonomic as compared to a round seat. The less ergonomic seat can cause discomfort. You can opt for a padded round seat for enhanced comfort.

In addition, the limited aesthetic appeal can also play a spoilsport. Round seats lack modern design elements. You can explore stylish round seats with contemporary aesthetics for a comprehensive bathroom makeover. As the saying goes, “Cleanliness is godliness.” However, cleanliness can be an issue with the gaps around the round seat. You can opt for a round seat with seamless edges to counter such challenges.

Requisite Size

Another important factor to consider is the right size of the toilet seat covers. Many toilet seats are considered universal, but it is important to see if the size fits in. Since the size dictates the comfort level, hence it is imperative to go for the right size. Not all bathrooms are of the same size, therefore you must select the suitable size for optimal bathroom space utilization.

Your bathroom toilet seat must not be the odd one out of the bathroom design aesthetics. Consider a size that complements the overall design. Moreover, you must select the size that caters to the diverse needs of different users, enabling accessibility. Compatibility is another key thing that plays a pivotal role in selecting the right size.

A kid-friendly size also ensures safe and comfortable use by them. Lastly, consider the right size for an easy and hassle-free installation process.

Easy to Install

This point should be paid heed to as installation ease plays an eccentric role while installing the right toilet seat. Most toilet seats won’t take more than half an hour to install. The right installation saves time which in turns ensure prompt bathroom functionality. Easy installation simplifies the process, resulting in a simple and hassle-free process.

In addition, it leads to reduced labor costs as the installation in jiffy results in overall budget efficiency. Last but not least, future maintenance and replacement processes will become simplified with simple installation.

Cleanliness Ease

Cleaning ease must be considered while selecting the toilet seat. It is not the most fun thing, but it is quite an important one. Moreover, some toilet seats are easier to clean compared to the others. Compared to normal ones, bidet toilet seats come with self-cleaning features, making cleaning a breeze. Toilet and bidet seats are making a comeback to make your life easy with self-sanitized wands to make things easy.

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Closing Thoughts

The right toilet seat selection goes a long way in making your life easy and comfortable. From the right toilet seat type, size, easy installation, and cleanliness ease. Each factor makes you one step closer to selecting the right toilet seat. While looking for premium toilet seats, Kohler offers a wide selection of innovative toilet seats incorporating cutting-edge design to make for a great buy. opt for Kohler for the right combination of style and sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a toilet seat called?

A toilet seat is called a commode. It is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.

2. Do all toilet seats fit all toilets?

You can select the toilet seat based on the size. Different sizes can be selected based on user needs and preferences.

3. What are the three main types of toilets?

Wall-Hung toilets, Close Coupled toilets, and Back To Wall toilets are the three main types of toilets.

4. Are toilet seats different?

Toilet seats are different based on shape. Round and elongated are the popular toilet seat types.

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