How to Select the Ideal Countertop Basin for Your Space?

As we know them today, bathrooms have become more than just a space for showers and toilets. A modern-looking bathroom demands a dedicated amount of research, an artistic approach and, finally, a smart tech integration. All elements must be functional, innovative and sustainable in the long run. One such element that draws major attention in a bathroom is the wash basin. In this blog, we will discuss countertop basin, which are renowned for promoting a feeling of spaciousness and a playful aspect, depending on the style and originality.

Importance Of Setting The Tone

Setting the tone of your bathroom?

Washbasins are considered to be the ‘focal point’ of your bathroom. It is also a major statement piece that can easily set your bathroom’s tone. Be it a countertop basin or the interiors of your bathroom, cabinets, and mirrors, every element must synchronise to appear in harmony. It is one of the many reasons why experts prefer to begin by curating the designs of the wash basins before finalising the entire theme of the bathroom.

Before going ahead, there are a lot of variables which you need to consider. For instance, the shape of your bathroom, the functionalities you want to include, and the shape of the sanitary products. In this blog, however, we will only discuss the widely preferred and stylish basin called the Countertop Wash Basin.

Kohler is usually credited for being the first in the industry to innovate sanitary products. And in the case of the countertop wash basin, it is not behind. Kohler has constantly stayed on top of the market in our creative mission and corporate responsibility. We have an impressive collection of countertop washbasins in different shapes, designs and styles that can cater to homeowners looking for unique bathroom decor.

Kohler’s major inspiration comes from the art world, which lets them breathe refined, luxurious, elegant designs into every product. Every countertop basin, for instance, is meticulously designed with high-quality materials, ensuring they last in your bathrooms for over a lifetime.

Countertop Basin - Kohler

Types of Countertop Basin

Oval Countertop

Oval countertop basins are easy to pair up with any bathroom style. They are classics, can be the perfect space savers, as well as super easy to clean. An oval countertop basin is comparatively deeper compared to its other counterparts.

Rectangular Countertop Basin

This washbasin is one of the most preferred countertop basins. Being rectangular makes it a preferred choice in modern bathroom spaces. They have an enhanced aesthetic look and sorted drainage capacities. You can add to the appearance of it by tweaking the fixtures. These rectangular countertop washbasins are perfect for your larger bathrooms.

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Square Countertop

The square countertop washbasins are very stylish and, at the same time, have added a sleek design approach to the bathroom. They are better if you have to manage a washbasin in a small space despite having lesser countertop space. Compared to their oval counterparts, square countertop washbasins take up less space.

Conical Bell-Shaped Countertop

Another brilliant addition to the group of countertop washbasins by Kohler is the conical bell-shaped countertop washbasin, which has a playful appearance. Available in varied colours and sizes, the conical bell-shaped countertop wash basins can fit in a modern washroom perfectly.

Kohler Countertop Basin

Spare your thoughts to incorporate a few designs and styles before you finally make a choice to pick your favorite countertop washbasin:

  • Keep the designs around the existing layout, or if you’re getting a renovation? Ensure you keep the layout clean.
  • Not convinced with a simple white setup? Kohler has a luxurious and out-of-the-world washbasin collection, which can instantly amp up any space it’s in.
  • From matte black to indigo, Kohler offers a plethora of colours to select for the countertop wash basins.
  • Trying the minimal way and incorporating minimal colours can also help you give your washroom a sleeker look without compromising its overall appearance.

Considering Countertop Washbasins

Washbasins can definitely be the star of your washroom. They possess immense elegance and, at the same time, are perfect for saving up space. One of the most important advantages of using a countertop basin is that you’ll have ample space around it, and, at the same time, it can be easily installed without digging holes in the walls of your washroom.

Kohler’s countertop washbasin designs and functionalities have transcended boundaries and are now a preferred choice across continents. These washbasins have redefined the appearance of bathrooms and given homeowners the liberty to reimagine their spaces like never before.

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