How Wash Basins Maximize Efficiency And Effort?

The sanitary fixtures market has plenty of options for bathroom accessories like bathroom lighting, wallpapers, wash basins, bathtubs, showers, bidets, toilets, and many more. A couple of brands ensure putting in a lot of creativity to produce the best sanitary fixtures and bathroom accessories for their elite clientele. Day-to-day bathroom fixtures, like wash basins, can maximize efficiency if picked carefully and from the right brand. These can be install perfectly and in the right position if you do not wish to occupy much space in a tiny place or vice versa.

Washbasins — might sound like another mundane bathroom object. But, with time, they have won the tag of being an aesthetic addition to a bathroom space. Sadly, many put very little or almost no effort into choosing them. They are usually select to be install in our washrooms and serve their purpose. No wonder some never consider getting into design, fashion and usage aspects of it. However, we recommend you understand its qualities and usage to accentuate the quality of your homes and bathrooms.

Especially for homeowners, architects, and interior designers must understand wash basins according to their usage so that they positively impact the lifestyle.

Types Of Wash basins For Your Bathrooms

Your bathroom accessories, i.e., washbasins, must be picked, keeping the space and need factor in mind. Different types of wash basin designs are available in the market and can be fix per your requirements. These range from wall-mounted Vessel basins to countertops, pedestal sinks, and varied material basins.

Pedestal Basins:

Pedestal sinks are usually made of a material called porcelain. They have two portions which make them one. It consists of the upper basin and the lower cylindrical stand on which it stands. Pedestal sinks are among the most used wash basins. And are counted among the best options for tight bathroom spaces.

Wall-Mounted Basins:

Wall-mounted basins sit exceptionally well in the case of a contemporary bathroom design. These save immense space for a nice storage area that fits cabinets well. They look stylish in every style – porcelain or an all-glass bowl.

They are also preferred by designers who wish to create more bath space efficiently. On being paired with wall-mounted faucets, the basin looks extra sleek and modern.

Corner Basins:

There are also tiny wash basins that can be fitted easily in the corner of a space. Or a hanging wash basin which can be fitted accordingly.

Unique Countertop Wash Basin by Kohler


Countertop basins are usually placed independently in ultra-chic, modern bathrooms, which gives the space a contemporary look. They look incredibly stylish and create a statement in whichever area it is fixed.

Undermount wash basins

Undermount Sinks:

Undermount wash basins are a type that is very common in modern homes. The basin is place beneath the countertop to improve its functionality and design in this setup. It leaves ample space for the user to place other things on the sides of the basin.

Well, most of the top brands in the sanitary fixtures industry create washbasins meant to cater to every type of customer. Fortunately, Kohler’s stylish faucets and bathroom accessories have designed to add more oomph to a bathroom space.

How Washbasins Help You Create Better Spaces?

Every washbasin type has its benefits, making them unique to customers and their requirements. Numerous brands have been designing and creating stylish lines of washbasins that transform the look and feel of a space. And Kohler’s is putting all its stylish inputs into them. Apart from being a remarkable fashion statement, here is a list of why certain washbasins accentuate space and emit feel-good vibes.

  • Space Utilization: These lavatory basin types are designed for all bathroom spaces – bigger or tinier bathrooms or powder rooms.
  • Design: Every washbasin helms a different look, giving you a wide range of options to match your taste and decor requirements.
  • Functionality: Certain brands create basin types which are functional in different spaces.
  • Ease: Some washbasins are easy to clean and maintain because of their type and design. Kohler wash basins are one of the superior sanitary facilities. A few of them even come with extra accessories, making every experience worth it.
  • Durable: Are all brands durable? The cheaper ones spoil quickly, chip, or lose their shine and sometimes must be replenished. Most of the time, the durability and longevity of a product depend on the material type and brand guarantee.

Kohler Wash Basins in Nepal are among the best and topmost sanitary fixtures most consumers prefer.

They enter the market with superior quality designs yearly and become best-selling washbasins every season. And today, it is counted among the very few brands in the world that have revolutionized the world of sanitary designs in every range and category. Their products give a fresh and rejuvenating look to any space and offer an extensive period of warranty to their consumers.

No matter what you choose from Kohler, be ready to encounter a versatile product. They have produced with trending world-class technology to provide a personalized experience to every consumer. Compared to other brands, there is nothing quite like Kohler sanitary wares. So, don’t think further, and select wash basins by Kohler Nepal that are in sync with your space and meet your budget and design requirements.

Following a wash basin are faucets and other sanitary wares for your washroom. Kohler’s premium products extend to toilets, bidets, bathtubs and showers. This range has designed and curated to maximize users’ efficiency and comfort, allowing extraordinary experiences to happen in their homes and spaces.

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