A bathroom is a smaller space where you want to make the most of every change. Kohler vanity mirrors are among the mirrors that can quickly become your bathroom’s main attraction. Contemporary bathroom vanity ideas help you get it right the first time.

The Kohler vanity unit lays a perfect foundation for building your new bathroom. It is imperative to include the vanity as the bathroom would look unfinished without one.

Kohler vanity mirrors are more than creating an aesthetic view; they are also functional. Kohler bathroom vanity mirrors combine historical influences with modern interpretations to express a clear and powerful design intention.

Here are certain things that must be considered while designing bathroom vanities.


So, what is the need for a bathroom vanity? Is it just about the concealment of the wash basin plumbing lines or the placement of the sink in style? No, the bathroom vanity provides you with much-needed storage space.

Customizing the bathroom cabinets as per your requirement is recommended to make the bathroom more functional while getting the bathroom vanity for your bathroom. Kohler vanity enables a more organized and clutter-free bathroom with better storage space.

Kohler vanity sinks come in various shapes and sizes for multiple installations and provide unique basin design options. Whether you have a cozy, small, or elegant, grand bathroom, Kohler bathroom vanity suits your need to the T.


A few things must be taken care of, such as the wet area or shower placement. Similarly, you would want to avoid hitting the vanity when you open the bathroom door. The basic traffic layout inside the bathroom should be sketched out by keeping the vanity in mind.

Moreover, you also need to consider the shape and size of the bathroom vanity. Plumbing will also play a part in your bathroom that dictates where your vanity will go. It costs money and time to make changes to your plumbing.

This implies that you will also be able to influence your plumbing style. The standard plumbing arrangement, for instance, can be used with a floor-mounted vanity. However, a wall-mounted vanity might need changing your sink’s plumbing connections.

Changing the plumbing is possible depending on your needs and the project’s budget. It will be easier for you to use a vanity style if you work with the plumbing system already in place.

The Kohler vanity adds useful storage to the area under the basin to better organize your bathroom and add texture and visual depth that matches the rest of the suite.


The wall-mounted bathroom vanity looks sleeker and more fashionable and works well with modern, contemporary, and minimalist bathroom designs. Furthermore, because it doesn’t take up any floor space, it can give any bathroom a more significant appearance. Also, it would rapidly fit in any small toilet.

On the other hand, the free-standing vanity would work best in large bathrooms because it typically includes decorative work and has a classic appearance. It would also go well with traditional and historic design types.


Kohler vanity mirror

You can always change bathroom designs based on contemporary bathroom vanity ideas. But the walls and doors are harder to change. It limits the places you can put your vanity. Things you must consider when determining placement include:

Door swing: A bathroom door that swings inwards and hits the vanity can be annoying and ineffective.

The shower: Are you opting for a shower with a curtain instead of a door? This is another swing you must consider when deciding where to place your vanity.

The toilet: Do you want the vanity far in front of, or beside the bathroom? Will you be bumping into the vanity when trying to ‘go’?

The traffic flow: Using the rest of your bathroom should be easy because of your vanity. You’ll become annoyed and possibly injured if you keep running into it while attempting to escape something else.

Experiment by walking around the space. If you have difficulty completely visualizing the layout, try using a vanity substitute—a box will do. This indicates the vanity placement and how it affects the rest of the room.

You can limit the size of your vanity once you’ve determined the general placement. Your bathroom’s size needs to make sense; this is where a tape measure will be handy! Based on what we have spoken about, you’ll need to take measures to figure out how long, deep, and high the vanity can be.

This measurement will show whether you have room for a single or double vanity. Most vanities range in width from 24 to 60 inches, but additional lengths are also available, particularly if you have something designed expressly for you.

Height: Taller, so-called “comfort height” vanities (up to 36″) are frequently used in master bathrooms, while standard-height vanities (between 30 and 32″) are frequently used in guest bathrooms.

Depth: If space allows, a deeper vanity will improve storage space. The majority of vanities are between 17 and 24 inches deep.

The outcome should be a set of measurements showing how much space your vanity will take up, allowing you to proceed to the next phase.


Elevate your daily routine with Kohler vanity collections’ thoughtful organization and inspiring design. Kohler vanity mirror combines style with opulence to make for a splendid display. Kohler mirrors are designed to add style and function to your bathroom. View our selection of bathroom mirrors and find the right one to complement your space. The vanity adds functional storage to the space underneath the basin to better organize your bathroom with texture and visual depth that matches the overall suite.

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