Among the essential plumbing fixtures is a toilet commode in your home, but not just any bathroom commode: You require a working toilet commode, so if your toilet is acting up lately or you are tired of making so many minor repairs, it is time for an upgrade. Given that most homes come with a built-in commode in Nepal. People need to learn how to buy a toilet commode. They need to know about planning the bathroom layout, factors to look for or taking the correct measurements to ensure the toilet will fit.

This guide will help you discover the basic things you need to know to select a toilet that matches your bathroom’s aesthetic, suits your needs, and fits in the allotted space. The Kohler commode provides the most bang for your buck. Here are the factors to consider while buying the ideal bathroom commode.


Before spending time and money on a new toilet commode purchase and installation, it is advised to examine the current toilet to see if it can be fixed or otherwise enhanced. It’s time to choose a new toilet if the bathroom commode cannot be fixed or if you have attempted too many repairs and are just seeking an improvement. Ensure the new commode has strong enough flushing power to handle waste in a single flush and good water efficiency. If you keep flushing the toilet multiple times, the cost savings you anticipate from a low-flow toilet can be lost.


Planning the arrangement is crucial in small bathrooms because the toilet commode takes up a lot of room. Installing the new toilet in the same location as the old one is the simplest and most popular method. There is already enough room for a regular toilet, and the floor is already cut with drainage pipes. However, if you are renovating or installing a new bathroom, then you may need to pick a toilet position.

Moreover, consider the room size and if there are any obstructions, limitations, or other objects like a shower, bath, or sink that act as a hurdle. Choose an out-of-the-way, open, and accessible location, making you don’t feel cramped when the toilet is used. For added convenience and comfort, a bathroom commode must be around 15 inches from any object, like a bath, wall, or vanity.


Kohler Nepal Commode

The commode size should also be considered while examining the room’s layout. To choose a toilet that will fit comfortably in the area, you don’t have to select the same size currently installed. However, you should measure the existing toilet to obtain an accurate picture of its current dimensions. Secondly, find the distance between the centre of the bolts at the base of the bathroom commode and the wall behind it.

Toilets usually come in three standard sizes: 10 inches, 12 inches, and 14 inches, and are made to fit “rough-in measurements.” The distance between the finished wall and the centre of the toilet bolts at floor level will determine the rough-in size toilet you need to buy. The goal is to keep the toilet tank as close to the wall as feasible when deciding the rough-in measurement; most toilet tank covers have a lip in the back that takes up a quarter to half an inch of space. The cover won’t fit on the tank properly if you place the tank right up against the wall.

You should re-plumb the drain pipe or look for a toilet designed for a smaller rough-in space if the rough-in measurement is less than 11 inches. Also, it’s vital to note that toilet bowls are available in elongated, compact-elongated, & round-front options. Round-front toilets take less space, while elongated bowls occupy the most space.

Standard toilet commodes have a seat height of 17 inches above the floor, while a chair-height bathroom sits a tad higher at around 19 inches. However, you may want to consider a “comfort height” toilet if you have mobility issues.

Flush Features

Kohler Nepal Commode

Kohler commodes come in several flush styles, including single-flush, dual-flush, and touchless-flush toilets.

Single-flush toilets are standard for most houses. If you flush the toilet once, the entire tank will be emptied, and the contents of the toilet bowl will go down the drain. Due to their popularity, these commodes come in various shapes, designs, and colours.

Dual-flush toilets help to reduce water use with their design. This is achieved with a button mechanism or two-stage lever. Press a lever or button for a light flush that consumes a small amount of water to flush liquid waste or a full flush to deal with solid waste.

Touchless-flush toilets fall into the single-flush category. However, the battery-powered electronic sensor distinguishes commodes that initiate the flush when you wave your hand in front of the sensor without touching the toilet.

Types of Toilets

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Toilets have gradually become more convenient with various options, including flush style, bowl types, size, and even different types of toilets, including one-piece, two-piece, in-wall, high-tank, and integrated base toilets.

One-Piece Toilets

One-piece toilets have a bowl and tank that integrates into one unit. This reduces the space occupied, and the design eliminates a toilet part vulnerable to leaks. However, one-piece toilets are usually more expensive than two-piece toilets.


Two-Piece Toilets

Two-piece toilets are the standard option for most homes. It includes a toilet bowl and a tank. The two-piece toilets are secured with bolts, & a gasket seals the water passage from the tank to the bowl. This style is the most affordable option.


High-Tank Toilets

High-tank toilets carry the same functionality as a two-piece toilet, except you install the toilet tank high up on a wall instead of being secured directly to the bowl. Such toilets are more expensive than a two-piece toilet due to the vintage design appeal, including a chain-pull flush mechanism.


In-Wall Toilets

In-wall toilets give a sleek, minimal profile to your bathroom. Whether the toilet is tankless or in the wall, the big bulky part is hidden inside the wall. It enables saving some space, especially in small or narrow bathrooms.


Closing Thoughts

In the end, gone are the days when toilet commodes served a single purpose. Nowadays, they are a premium bathroom accessory that combines style and substance. Kohler’s commode is the perfect addition to make your bathroom stand apart. Kohler Nepal offers a wide range of bathroom commodes in Nepal to grandly decorate your bathroom while at the same time serving the primary function.

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