Crucial Tips to Choose the Best Toilet Commode

Whatever you call it, the toilet commode is one of the most important items in your house. Toilet designs have come a long way. Choosing the right throne for your home can play a significant role in daily comfort. Are you in the market for a new best toilet commode and feeling overwhelmed by the countless options available?

Choosing the right toilet may not be glamorous, but it’s crucial for your home’s comfort and functionality. But before you make a choice, there are a few things you need to consider. When choosing a new commode toilet seat, be sure it’s configured to fit your toilet. Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or simply need to replace an old toilet commode, this guide is here to help you navigate the world of toilets and make an informed choice.

1) Check the Dimensions & Plumbing System

Space is among the first and most important aspects you need to consider. Not every toilet design will be compatible with the space available. Moreover, your existing bathroom will have plumbing that’s set up for your specific layout. Both things need to be paid attention before even shortlisting.

Every bathroom is arranged differently, and it’s important to know that the toilet you choose will be a proper fit for your available space. Proper dimensions must be taken to ensure compatibility before making the final decision. You can start by measuring the rough-in-size. It refers to the bolts that attach the toilet to your floor or the distance between the wall behind the toilet and the drainpipe center.

Measuring with your toilet still in place is advised for best results. The standard size is 12 inches, but 10 or 14 inches is still possible based on the layout and the space. A proper fitment prevents and avoids obstructing doors or fixtures. Ensuring proper alignment with plumbing for a functional and aesthetically pleasing outcome is best advised.

2) Consider Types of Commodes

The selection of types of toilets is usually based on individual needs and preferences. While budget and long-term goals do make an impact, they are among the most important decisions that need to be made.

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One-Piece Toilets

The One-Piece toilet seat is a classic English toilet seat that fits most standard toilet shapes. One-piece toilets combine the tank & bowl into a single, continuous piece. They typically require less cleaning and can give off an exceedingly sleek appearance.

A one-piece toilet is a floor-mounted toilet that has a flush closet. It requires less water than regular toilets and is simple to install. Additionally, this style of toilet is less expensive than other styles. A one-piece toilet has a large flush tank and no commode lid.

Two-Piece Toilets

The two-piece toilet most often comes to mind when considering a commode. It consists of a tank and a bowl. This type of commode comes in various heights and designs because it has been around longer and is more commonly utilized.

In addition, it usually costs less than a one-piece model and lets you mix and match tanks and bowls. Additionally, there are flushing and water-saving options in the two-piece version. Two-piece toilets can, however, be more difficult to clean, more prone to breaking, and less compact than one-piece toilets.

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Wall Hung Toilets

Wall-hung toilets are a fantastic option when sleek and contemporary are the goal. These toilets are not floor-mounted like a typical toilet, resulting in areas below that are open and clear because they are attached to the wall. This not only makes it much simpler to maintain clean floors, but it can also save space in a smaller bathroom. Because the plumbing is installed differently for these toilets, it’s ideal to choose this option during the initial building of the space or an extensive renovation.

Bidet Toilets

A bidet toilet is a fixture that combines toilet and bidet functionality, allowing users to cleanse themselves with water after using the bathroom. It promotes improved hygiene and can reduce the need for toilet paper. Using a bidet can improve your toilet hygiene by removing the toilet paper needed or jet sprays. Bidet toilet seats limit the spread of germs through their hands-free operation and targeted cleaning mechanism.

3) Check Out Toilet Features

A new toilet is bound to offer additional features regardless of the type of toilet you choose. Look for things to help set one design apart from the rest within each category. 

Toilet Bowl Height

The usual bowl height for toilets is 14 to 15 inches above the floor. You can choose a bowl between 17 and 19 inches high if you’re taller than average. When designing a master bathroom or a guest bathroom that will be frequently used by many guests, choosing a larger toilet bowl height is very popular.

Soft-Close Seats

When you replace your current toilet seat with a soft-close toilet seat, you won’t ever have to hear the slam of the toilet seat again. Additionally, they will shield young children’s fingers from slamming in between the seat and the bowl.

Heated Seats

Choosing a toilet with heated seats will make using the bathroom more comfortable on a daily basis. The controls on these low-voltage heaters enable you to change the warmth of the toilet seat according to the season.

4) Acquire the Products for a Proper Installation

It’s time to remove the outdated toilet from your bathroom and install the newer commode fitting after you’ve made your choice. Fortunately, provided you have the necessary tools and supplies, installing a toilet is relatively simple.

Closing Thoughts

Installing a toilet commode is a long investment since the fixture installation is time-consuming. Usage of the above tips will help you make a proper installation to ensure you make the right choice. When looking for the best commode toilet among the available options, Kohler Commodes offers best-in-class products with cutting-edge innovation and features. Experience the best with Kohler. Be forever bold.

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