Luxury bathroom accessories can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any bathroom. Whether you are looking to update your current bathroom or are designing a new one, a variety of high-end bathroom accessories in Nepal are available. Modern bathroom accessories make your bathroom look and feel contemporary and add to the bathroom decor.



Bathtubs are available in many types, giving you a significant degree of flexibility depending on your household needs. One of the most popular luxury bathroom accessories is the freestanding bathtub. Freestanding bathtubs with high-quality materials are ideal for all users and can be easily placed anywhere in your bathroom.

Apart from their beauty, these bathtubs provide a relaxing and spa-like experience. They come in different styles, from traditional clawfoot tubs to modern, minimalist designs. Like types, bathtubs are offered in many sizes, enabling them to fit in any bathroom space. As with the types of bathtubs, there are size variations as well.

Different materials change the feel and texture of your bathroom. Each material also benefits your bathtub, such as stone resin with high heat retention and copper with high durability and easy maintenance. In addition, color customization brings fresh air to bathroom designs, making changing colors essential.



Another popular luxury bathroom accessory is the shower system. High-end shower systems come with various features, such as rain showerheads, body sprays, and steam generators. Some even come with built-in speakers and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to listen to music or take a phone call while you shower.

Bring the invigorating freshness of summer rain to your shower with Kohler’s rain head. An optimized spray face generates a uniform wide spray pattern with angled nozzles, simulating the walking-in warm rain shower experience with even coverage.

In addition to showerheads, Glass bathroom accessories such as shower panels must demarcate the shower area to prevent the rest of the bathroom from getting wet and becoming accident-prone. It also enhances the bathroom’s decorative value.

The showerhead can be installed on a ceiling mount or wall shower arm, and a swivel joint enables precise spray placement. It’s simple and contemporary design complements any bathroom design. It features an easy-to-clean surface that withstands mineral buildup. Moreover, Kohler shower heads resist corrosion and tarnishing.


Soap Dispenser-kohler

As compared to other accessories, soap dispensers might seem like pint-sized ones. But their usage has increased extensively since the pandemic era. It allows you to regulate soap use making hand washing enjoyable, convenient and economical.

Kohler automatic soap dispensers are hygienic and enable an entirely automated and touchless function. You can pick the best one from several exciting and unique designs. Moreover, they avoid the spread of germs with their hands-free operation. You can select the correct size based on your family’s needs.

Kohler soap dispenser has an in-built sensor that detects movement, such as showing hands to dispense the amount of liquid soap. It eventually saves a lot of resources to regulate the amount of soap used each time. It can be wall mounted and placed behind a bathroom mirror to aid accessibility and offer a minimalistic appearance to the entire washroom.

Bathroom Vanities

Soap Dispenser-kohler

Luxury bathroom vanities are another great way to add an elegant touch to your bathroom. These vanities come in various styles, from traditional to contemporary, and are made from high-quality materials such as marble, granite, and solid wood. They often feature soft-closing drawers and doors and may come with various other features, such as built-in lighting and ample storage space.

Kohler mirrored cabinets can make your daily routine clutter-free and efficient. They offer integrated task lighting to maximize your visibility in the grooming space. They coordinate across a variety of design styles and are easy to install. They provide optimal bright lighting, eliminating hot spots and harsh shadows. In addition, built-in electronic defoggers allow crisp and clear views at all times, making daily grooming in humid environments more accessible.

In addition to the larger bathroom fixtures, a variety of smaller luxury bathroom accessories are available. These include high-end towel warmers, soap dispensers, and toilet paper holders. These accessories are made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and chrome and come in various styles to match any bathroom decor.

Regarding luxury bathroom accessories, it’s important to remember that the devil is in the details. The small touches make a huge difference in your bathroom’s overall look and feel. Consider adding a few high-end bathroom accessories to your space to create a luxurious and spa-like environment.

In conclusion, luxury bathroom accessories offer a great opportunity to elevate your bathroom space with elegance, style and comfort. From freestanding bathtubs, shower systems, toilets, and vanities, to small accessories like soap dispensers and toilet paper holders, the options are plenty to choose from.

The small touches make a big difference, so consider adding a few high-end bathroom accessories to your space to create a luxurious and spa-like environment.Kohler Nepal offers a host of bathroom accessories to make your everyday living superior.

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