Showers For Your Luxury Bathrooms

When it comes to bathroom design, getting the right accessories is imperative. This feeling especially resonates with homeowners who love a good shower and are fans of stunningly designed faucets and spacious bathtubs. Luckily, a great variety of showerheads, body sprays, and shower enclosures are available in the market today to give your space the right look. For individuals who love the idea of long-duration showers or baths, investing in a good showerhead can be gratifying. These showerheads come in various interesting designs. For instance, the rain showerhead creates an effect that mimics natural rain, while some showerheads create a high-pressure water flow, providing a massaging effect.

Take a look at the types of showerheads you can pick for luxury baths every day:

Wall Mount Showerheads

The wall mount showerheads are one of the traditional and most popular types of showerheads. Found in most households, these are usually fixed to the shower arm, which extends from the wall. Due to their popularity, these wall-mount showerheads come at affordable prices. Interestingly, these wall-mounted showerheads fit in every bathroom, whether mid-century homes or even the renovated versions of vintage homes. They are high-end, have no complications, and boast superior flexibility. Further, the effectiveness of such showers depends on the water connection, meaning no additional electric backup is required.

Rain Showerheads

The rain showerheads, also known as rainfall showers, mimic the showering experience like that in the rain. They are also larger compared to the other types of showerheads. They are designed to be directly fixed to the ceiling or a shower arm. Rainfall showerheads are mostly preferred by individuals who love to experience a relaxed and rejuvenating time in their bathrooms.

Luxury Showerheads by Kohler

Handheld Showerheads

Rinsing off shampoo, cleaning the hard-to-reach body parts, and washing your pets or kids is flexible with handheld showerheads. There is easy movement due to being attached to a hose and the liberty to adjust water flow during the showering experience. It is usually fitted to a pipe mounted on a wall. One of the best advantages of these handheld showers is that they can be adjusted without stopping the water flow and upgraded easily.

Dual Showerheads

The dual showerheads are, basically, the showerheads that come as a combination of regular showerheads along with the handheld showers. While one is always mounted on the wall, the other allows you to move it easily at your convenience. The bar where the showerhead is fixed allows you to slide the handheld shower upwards and downwards. Most of these showerheads are available in different features as per the consumer’s requirements.

Body Spray Jets

You can turn a simple cleaning and showering experience into a delightful one. All you need to do is add body spray jets to your showers. This further enhances how you shower as it sprays water through the jets from all directions. These body spray jets make for a more elaborate experience. You can fully upgrade by adding luxury showerheads and these body spray jets to your showering space. These can be set up at multiple height angles and adjusted accordingly. 

High-pressure Showerheads

The high-pressure shower caters to your way of showering differently. They provide a pressuring and increased water flow compared to other showerheads. If you are looking for ways to save on water consumption, then high-pressure showerheads are perfect for your bathroom. These high-pressure showerheads can replace other kinds of showerheads, like low-pressure ones, body sprays, and handheld showers. Also, they can be readily used in homes with lower water pressure.

Shower Filters

The shower filters are devices that reduce the content of chlorine and harsh chemicals in your bathroom water. These filters are absolutely necessary if you wish to protect the natural oils in your hair as well as the texture of your skin. Shower filters can be extremely helpful in maintaining the balance of the water you use. Above all, they are super easy to install in your bathroom showers.

Digital Showers by Kohler

Digital Showers

The showering world has moved to a more easy, relaxed, and advanced form. One of the exciting additions to it is the digital showering system. They are the game changers Of showerheads. These systems allow you to easily control the temperature without needing two handles and effortlessly sit in various bathroom spaces. These digital showers let you configure and control your water outlets, temperature, and flow. These usually have a sleek and minimalistic design on a panel, which also allows you to save water and understand your water consumption. 

LED Showerheads

The LED showerheads are another exciting addition to the showering experience. They usually come with an LED light around the regular showerheads or handheld showers to give a more exuberant experience. 

Give Your Bathroom A Smart Upgrade

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