While finalizing the Basin Design for your bathroom, one of the most critical aspects is considering the type of available materials. With so many options to choose from, the choice can be a difficult one.

Moreover, you have to evaluate the materials’ durability, maintenance, and strength. Also, you may want to match the aesthetic of your bathroom by choosing a designer wash basin sink. You are in the right place if you feel overwhelmed by the available choices. If you are confused about “what material is used for wash basin”? Then here are different types of wash basin material explained with their pros and cons:


Ceramic Wash Basin

One of the most popular wash basin material that most people opt for is ceramic. It is known for its subtle colours and everlasting shine. White Ceramic Wash Basin is famous everywhere because its colour is not affected by bleach or other cleaning agents.

Since they are recyclable, choosing ceramic wash basins would also be eco-friendly. If you want a simple basin with minimal colour and prints, this would be the best choice for you. However, the material is fragile so handle it the best while getting the basin installed. From hotels to homes, you can find ceramic basins everywhere. The best part is these washbasins combats moisture, and eradicates the possibility of germs.


If you are planning to transform the appearance of your bathroom, count on table top washbasins. Along with being light in weight, they also come with a glossy finish that lasts for years to come. So if we talk about durability, then acrylic sinks are great in that aspect as well. Focus on getting scratch-resistant materials in the bathroom for minimum maintenance and ease of use.

With compounds like polymer, the material is now scratch resistant. Since they do not require much maintenance, it would be convenient to use this wash basin. However, they may get deformed due to high heat. If you are about to place candles for bathroom decore, ensure to keep high flames away from the basin. Also, avoid using nail polish remover here, as acetone affects acrylic negatively.

Acrylic Wash Basins


Materials like marble, slate, and granite come under this category. First of all, they give an elegant appearance to the bathroom. If you want something luxurious, opt for natural stone wash basins. Although they are pretty heavy, they are resistant to shocks. You will find a vast range of options in natural stones.

From colour and design to size, enjoy the various available choices. However, the maintenance part of these materials is quite a lot. You have to be careful about the cleaning agents that you use. Stains should get cleaned immediately from such basins.

Natural Stone Wash Basins


Glass Wash Basins are another option if you want a luxurious bathroom. They look pretty and enhance the look of the corner immediately. If you wish for elegance and class, opt for tempered glass material. Do not worry about the fragile material because it is sturdy and shock resistant.

When it comes to glass, you have to maintain it regularly. Stains and dirt are visible on this type of material. For those who do not mind cleaning the wash basin design every alternate day, you can get this basin without any thought.

Glass Wash Basins


Timber Wash Basins give a warm look to the bathroom. If you want a wooden vibe, timber material is the best. A lot of wooden materials are available from which you can choose. Timber is both aesthetic as well as functional. The maintenance of this material is complex, and you have to pay attention to it.

Timber Wash Basins

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