Why Upgrade to a Modern Commode Toilet? Discover the Benefits

The flush toilet or the commode toilet is one of the most fascinating sanitary devices that was built in the history of mankind. You must have never thought or wondered how the toilet attempts to drain the waste every single time after use. It is indeed one of the best creations which has made lives healthier and more manageable. The toilet is among the human tools that have evolved over decades, making the toilet-using experience a very comfortable and hygienic experience. Its maintenance and cleaning, too, have become more effortless and quick. Hence, investing in a modern commode toilet is always considered a worthy purchase for a wide array of benefits.

If you’re upgrading your home or looking for fresh and new sanitary fixtures, Kohler is one brand which has evolved its toilet commodes according to the trends. Their superb finishes and intelligent technology have won them the tag of having one of the bestselling products in the market.

Upgrading a toilet with a modern commode has tons of benefits. Kohler commodes, specifically, have the reputation of being personal favorites for designers and homeowners. Here are all the benefits of installing one in your bathroom:

Kohler’s Modern Commode Toilet: Top 10 Installation Benefits

Modern commodes
  1. Improved Comfort: Kohler Nepal provides an array of modern toilet commodes and bathroom fittings with superb technology improvisations, ergonomic shapes, and comfortable seating.
  2. Water Management: Modern commodes are known for being efficient. These smart toilets are equipped with high-end features to ensure less water wastage and electrolyzed water that protects the skin and overall health.
  3. Comfort Cleaning: These intelligent, smart toilets by Kohler are made with high-quality materials that are easy to clean, which in turn saves a lot of time.
  4. Space Saving: Due to the compact and ergonomic design of the commodes, they save a lot of space. They can be easily installed in homes or workplaces where space constraints exist.
  5. Eco-friendly: Besides the water-friendly factor, modern Kohler commodes have less environmental impact. Our brand focuses on designing eco-friendly products which do not harm the environment.
  6. High-end Features: Kohler commodes have self-cleansing capabilities, i.e., automatic and touchless flushing are enabled. Other features include automatic cover turning, drying, improved flushing mechanism and even wider trap ways which lessen clogging issues.
  7. Aesthetic Appearance: The Kohler smart toilet is perfect for any modern bathroom. They are sleek and provide intelligent and automated features which accentuate bathroom aesthetics.
  8. High Durability: The modern toilet made of either porcelain or other durable materials has years of warranty. Therefore, investing in one can be a lucrative deal.
  9. Quiet Flushing: Modern Commodes even provide noiseless technology without loud flushing noises.
  10. Night-light, UV Sterilization & Remote Controller: Kohler commode toilets come with automatic lights for night usage, and there is UV sterilization for disinfecting the toilets, as well as a remote controller for controlling the toilet all by yourself, at your own pace. These Kohler products have heated seats and bidets with customizable settings.

Why Use Bidets With Toilets?

A handful of Eastern countries do not have the common practice of using toilet paper. They tend to use water in order to clean their nether areas, rather than just wiping with paper. In fact, for a long time, people preferred to squat rather than sit on the commode to do their business. But, as technology evolved, brands have introduced bidet seats, bidet toilets, and bidet water sprays.

Modern commodes have a plethora of benefits, including heating technology which doesn’t freeze your backside to even drying it after toilet use. However, if you wish to take your experience higher, Kohler smart toilets come with bidets which make cleaning the privates and hygiene hassle-free. Such luxurious style and comfort can be accessed with Kohler. This brand has been instrumental in shifting the perspective of sanitary products and how one can benefit from them. Such that an elite and luxury-loving section of people are ardent buyers of their offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of modern toilets?

There are multiple benefits of installing modern toilets. Starting from improved and sleek designs to water management. And smart technology integration, modern toilets are preferred by a large number of people for the convenience and comfort it offers.

What are the features of modern commode toilets?

Modern commode toilets have a plethora of features like UV sterilization, heating technology, remote control system, quiet flushing, touchless flushing. And more which make it a best-seller among the sanitary fixtures products by Kohler.

Why would you need a new commode toilet?

A new and modern commode toilet would ensure users don’t deal with constant clogging, can clean toilets easily and maintain water efficiency. 

Which commode is good for health?

All kinds of toilets are appropriate for use. However, the modern toilet system, like the commode system, is among the best for easy seating and cleansing utilities.

What is the difference between a modern commode and a traditional toilet?

Modern toilets come with flush and cleaning water sprays, while traditional toilets depend on gravity. And manual water splashing in order to keep them clean and suitable for second use.

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