Here’s Why Black Detailing Adds Spruce To Your Bathroom!

Revitalizing your bathroom space can be a difficult job. There are many things to decide whether you wish to add a dash of color, keep statement décor, or change wallpapers, tiles and faucets altogether. We, however, believe that a little bit of planning, research and intelligent decision-making can take your style quotient to a whole new level. This way, you won’t splurge but still make the cut to have a stylish bathroom. This article will discuss how bathroom accessories can glam up your space, specifically black bathroom accessories.

Have you ever fancied the sleek and sophisticated look of black bathroom accessories? The likes of black and matt black are one of the trending bathroom statements this year. You can spot the color in bathroom taps, showers, accessories and even walls. After understanding people’s tastes, interior designers’ opinions and the marker trend, we realized that black/matt black can add wonders to your bathroom space. And luckily, there are an array of such styles to consider from the plethora of black bathroom accessories designs available.

Bathroom Accessories

Black Bathroom Accessories & How To Make Them Work?

One of the best things about black bathroom accessories is their versatility. They can work in any space and spruce it up. A few ways to use the black theme could be adding black to a neutral color palette. Second, try black tiles to add that trendy chic-boutique look to your bathroom. Third, you can refresh other parts of your bathroom with black bathroom accessories like a vanity, stand-out handles, mirrors and taps.

We will tell you where to begin if you wish to embrace the above-mentioned offbeat looks and add it to your bathroom space. There are tons of interior designers and brands which do a comprehensive black accessories line of products. And one such brand from where you can get such a brilliant deal is Kohler.

Black bathroom accessories by Kohler are a solid favorite of designers and homeowners. One unique feature is Kohler bathroom accessories that go well in modern and traditional spaces. There are no limitations when it comes to black. Whether your design aesthetic is more contemporary, simple or bold, Kohler’s black bathroom accessories are made for every design preference.

Black bathroom accessories by Kohler

Match Every Detail

One way to do it is to match every detail in your bathroom. Starting from adding a black detail to your towel ring, tumbler, robe hook, and toilet roll holder. Eventually, you can also add black detailing to the other parts of your bathroom.

Step Up With Black

Your black accessories need not stand alone in your space. You can pair up the black detailing with other colors. For instance, you can add the warmth of a wooden accent and focus more on neutral patches of color to accentuate the black detailing. Another way to do so is to add contrasting color elements with your black accessories from Kohler.

You can even match the matte products with other kinds of patterns and materials as well. Though matte black is enough of a statement, you can accentuate your space better by pairing it up with hues of bottle green, peach, and blue.

black accessories from Kohler

Does the black highlight hard water marks?

One of the best ways to avoid hard water marks on your bathroom accessories is to have an excellent protective coating. While it may not be possible for you to avoid all the water splashing in the bathroom, that could be the only way to avoid all the watermarks on your black bathroom accessories.

This implies you need to buy your Matte black bathroom accessories from good brands. Good brands boast better durability in their products, increasing their longevity.

When you remodel or decorate your bathroom, the products are not for a limited amount of time. These products are usually meant to last for years and continue without needing much fixing and repair. One feature that makes Kohler products among the industry’s best is its Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating on the faucets and products. These come with over 12 years of warranty, ensuring maximum durability to its consumers. The PVD coating is a distinguishing factor because it saves the black bathroom accessories from scratching, tarnishing and even corrosion-resistant.

Maintenance of black bathroom accessories

Black or matte black accessories can be quite challenging to maintain and look after. Although, the job can get more manageable if you’re willing to invest in good-quality products. For instance, black or matte black accessories by Kohler need minimal cleaning. You can either have a soft fiber cloth to wipe off the water or clean it with regular soap water.

Remember that you can avoid staining or greying the products by avoiding cleaning them with harsh chemical agents.



Q. Are matte black bathroom fixtures hard to keep clean?

Ans. Yes! It is, however, recommended that you purchase these black bathroom fixtures from brands like Kohler. Kohler accessories and fixtures come with the PVD coating, guaranteeing almost 10-12 years of finishes and touches.

Q. What are the benefits of a matte black finish?

Ans. Matte black finish in fixtures and accessories offers a unique and chic style to the space. Apart from the luxury style, they also serve as better options than stainless steel products. Further, it can be coupled beautifully with different hues of color, making it a much more flexible option than others.

Q. Is matte black hard to maintain?

Ans. Kohler’s matte black bathroom accessories have a strong PVD coating, making them durable for almost 10-12 years. Their products are among the topmost bathroom accessories that are known for their durability and longevity.

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