Most of us will need to figure out where to start when selecting bathroom fittings. But let’s face it, each of us is faced with one of these awkward situations where we are left with no other option but to step into the market to buy sanitary bathroom fittings.

You could be bored and tired with your old bathroom fixtures and need urgent replacement to lift your sagging mood every time you visit the toilet. Your new house is fitted with essential builder-grade components, and immediate renovation is the answer. There’s so much that goes into remodeling an old one or designing a new bathroom. You could be building a house with great enthusiasm and want impeccably designed bathrooms that make for an entrenching experience.

In faucets alone, there are numerous things to consider. There are several bathroom sink faucets; only some work with all sinks. The standard drillings are a center set, single hole, and widespread. Choosing the correct mounting type is essential for optimum space optimization. Faucets come in various styles– from the traditional bridge, center set, wall-mounted, and classic single-handle. Then there is a finish to–stainless steel, brass, gold, black, and classic single-handle.

This is one of the examples of bathroom accessories where every fixture and fitting requires time and effort for the right fitting. While even going for the best bathroom fitting brand, you need to dwell on the details to ensure a bathroom that allows you to relax and makes you feel rejuvenated every time you use it.

In addition, every bathroom deserves the perfect bathroom fittings. The right bathroom fittings can add to the bathroom’s charm. Deciding which bathroom fittings are the best option for you can become confusing with plenty of options. Below are some factors that bathroom decorators and homeowners should keep in mind while choosing bathroom fittings:


It would help if you emphasized durability with bathroom fittings, such as hand showers, faucets, and taps. As these fittings will be used repeatedly and are prone to get wet, opt for the material that can stand moisture and are corrosion resistant. Kohler bathroom fittings are a great choice that provides a mirror-like finish. The chrome-plating finish looks superb and avoids rusting of underlying metal, making them durable in the long run.


Nowadays, different kinds of bathroom faucets come with different functionalities. Some faucets come with rotating modes, while others come with rising fitting. It is totally up to your preference. Some people prefer sophisticated faucets, while others prefer simple faucets. It would be best to consider your personal preferences, as bathroom fittings are meant to be there for a long time.


Selecting a design is subjective. It’s up to your taste when it comes to choosing the design. In general, it is recommended that all the different bathroom fittings design language should be avoided, and consistency is required.Kohler bathroom fittings are available in different shapes and sizes to combine style with functionality design language to offer a splendid feel. Your home’s design will determine how you intend to decorate your bathroom. You should go for bathroom fixtures with elegant, clean lines marked with simplicity, refinement and no fuss. Select the bathroom fixtures that follow the style of your interiors – modern, contemporary, traditional, industrial, etc.


A single dirty tap can mar the bathroom’s overall appearance. It is essential to clean them regularly to maintain their shiny appearance as dirt and soap build up on the corners of the taps. Always for designs that are easy to clean and allow hassle-free maintenance. Kohler bathroom fittings and fixtures are easy to maintain and involve cutting-edge technology to enable automated cleaning in toilet commodes. In addition, a touchless sensor-based faucet avoids using hands which aids in less cleaning effort. If they get dirty, clean them with a moist cloth and soap. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that scratch the chrome plating.


Kohler offers a range of premium and sophisticated bathroom accessories to glorify your sanctum. The luxurious range of bathroom fittings ensures a surreal and splendid bathroom experience. The bathroom fitting price in Nepal of Kohler accessories remains affordable while providing the best-in-class quality products to transform your everyday bathroom experience.

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