Best Ideas For A Great Loo


We usually decorate the downstairs toilet in one of two ways, either neglecting larger projects or deciding it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce bold elements that we would not normally use in the main living areas because it’s the smallest room.

Follow the given best ideas to design your toilet.


When it comes to tiny bathrooms, Mirrors are an interior designer’s greatest friend since they allow them to seem more significant. A strategically positioned mirror may assist in solving practically any internal design challenge while also increasing the impression of space in a room by reflecting the light around.

Installing a giant mirror at the end of a cloakroom gives the impression that the space is infinitely long and expansive. A substantial ornate mirror near sinks would suit something more ornamental and draw attention to a particular area.


In a small area, one interior design technique is to place a floor-length mirror behind a piece of furniture to give the illusion of more space. A mirror with the same width as the furniture may make the item look more purposeful and prominent rather than being crammed in the corners. A floor-length mirror attracts the viewer’s attention upward, making the space seem lighter and more spacious.

If you do not have the funds to purchase a vast mirror, go for smaller mirrors with the same colour frame and arrange them in a group on the wall in the exact location. It will give the impression of a more organized and less congested room.

Bathroom Mirror


Various innovative design methods may be used even in the tiniest of basement bathrooms and sinks. Generate the door open outwards, sliding or folding to make the slightest noise and disruption within your home or office. Whenever possible, use bathroom furniture in the form of a triangle or that is wall-hung. If possible, box in the toilet and the toilet tank.

Instead of having your sink floor-mounted or freestanding, consider having it placed on the wall instead — the additional space beneath may be utilized for storage baskets if you choose this option. Keep taps out of the way, and avoid ‘waterfall’ models in such a small space as careless visitors might generate a deluge if they are not careful.


Making your tiny downstairs toilet seem roomier is possible by using innovative storage solutions. As a result, it is essential to store jackets and shoes in the downstairs bathroom near Taps. Clothing and shoe hangers are reasonable solutions, but limit the number of these things to a minimum and only keep items out that you use daily.

Make the most of the available wall space by installing shelves and a cabinet to provide a secure place to store toiletries and toilet rolls. Maintain a clean and organized cloakroom using cabinets and storage units, such as mirrored cabinets, designer cupboards, and drawer units, among other things. Maintain a clean and orderly atmosphere.

Despite its large size, the downstairs toilet continues to be a magnet for accumulated debris. It is indispensable to have boxed-in storage or a vanity unit affixed to the wall. It is also wise to employ innovative storage solutions such as drawer inserts and shelves above your door and organize your daily requirements trays to keep them neat and orderly.

Storage Space in Toilet


A dash of color may be added to your cloakroom or downstairs toilet to complete the look. Color enhances the atmosphere, the light, and the individuality of a space. It may help balance a room or provide contrast, but it can ultimately detract from the overall effect if done incorrectly.

To select an appropriate accent color, consider using complementary colors to create a rug, painting a portion to make it anti-slip, or hanging a picture with that color. To discover a complementary color, do the following:

  • Look for the color that represents your primary subject on this color wheel.
  • Find the color on the other side of the wheel from where you are.
  • Make use of the complementary color to bring life to your space.


The chances are that the door to your downstairs toilet will permanently be closed, and the area itself is typically rather inconspicuous, making it the ideal place to experiment with a bold paint colour – such as pink or mustard. You may go wild with wall coverings and colours, but tie in with the floor colour for a feeling of harmony.

Decorate Toilet Properly


We like the look of bold, ornamental wallpaper in a downstairs bathroom, such as Annie Sloan’s decoupage paper created with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). ‘There has been a significant revival in the ornamental, Bloomsbury-style aesthetic in recent years, and decoupage is a fantastic match for that aesthetic. As Annie describes it, “It’s a beautiful decorative style with incredible history.”

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