Level Up Your Bathroom with Tech – Kohler Nepal. Every day we are moving towards a world which is heavily inspired by technology. With technology seeping into every facet of our lives, why not make the best use of technology in our bathrooms? KOHLER® intelligent toilets set themselves apart from traditional toilets with increased cleanliness, comfort and convenience. For this reason, interior designer and real estate developer, Anthony Carrino, put a KOHLER Veil® intelligent toilet in both the master bathroom and powder room of his newly refurbished fire house in Jersey City, New Jersey. The time has come for us to level up our bathrooms with intelligent toilets.

Toilet Seats Kohler Nepal


Experience the ultimate cleanliness with gentle, warm-water cleansing of KOHLER intelligent toilets. The easily manageable and intuitive controls give you the liberty to adjust the water temperature, water flow and even give you a warm toilet seat. One can open the lid of the toilets without even touching it, which makes it extremely clean. KOHLER intelligent toilets also come with automatic deodorization to help keep your bathroom fresh.


KOHLER Comfort Height® intelligent toilets feature chair height for easy sitting and standing. And the seats are ergonomically designed for your comfort. These toilet commodes come with an extra facility of heated seats, so that you never have to sit on a cold seat again. The temperature can easily be adjusted up or down to your preference. And a warm-air dryer completes the experience and adds to your personal comfort and assurance.

Apart from these functions, the Kohler control also provides other features such as a nightlight, user presets and a touch-screen remote. With the nightlights, you can walk towards the seat without turning on overhead lights. User presets can be easily programmed for your preferred water pressure, temperature and more. The intuitive touch-screen remote can be easily attached to a wall. So that you can control every function of your bathroom with a simple touch.

Toilet Commodes Kohler Nepal

The Creativity of Intelligence

If compared with a traditional toilet, intelligent toilets are far superior in terms of cleanliness, sanitation, comfort and convenience. They are a mark of a grand lifestyle. They’re perfect whether you’re refurbishing a vintage home, like Anthony’s nineteenth-century firehouse, or building an ultramodern space. Discover more about the versatility of our intelligent toilets and how they’ll fit your space.

Learn more about the cleanliness, comfort and convenience of KOHLER intelligent toilets. And also see which traditional toilets Anthony included in the fire house.

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