Read Father’s Day gifts guide: Is your dad fond of doing everything on his own? Is your dad fond of cracking dad jokes on the dining table? Is your dad always turning the lights off and loves you incredibly but does not express it often? All fathers are famous for these little things, all of them might not be the same but in some other way, all dads are alike. Let us celebrate this father’s day with our quirky fathers and give them something special, with Kohler.

FOR THE DIY FATHERS – Father’s Day Gifts Guide

Every father, at some point in their lives boasts about fixing the screws around the house. But some fathers treat this as a hobby. For such dads we have the best thing in the store, something which is easy to fix and will also end up looking good in your home. Kohler’s Quiet Close- toilet seat, it is handy and easy to install. For all those DIY fathers, this is the best thing for this father’s day. This toilet seat is cleaner and more sanitary than any other toilet seat. The lid and the seat of this fixture never slams against each other and this will maintain the cool of your father in the house. Kohler’s bidet toilet seat is just what a father needs, a perfect example of a clean toilet seat which upgrades the toilet experience for everyone. If you wish to go an extra mile, then along with this toilet seat, give your father a showerhead with Katalyst technology. Another thing that can be gifted is the HydroRail shower column which is easy to install and does not take an extra set of hands. This will keep your dad busy and also modernize and upgrade everyone’s showering experience.

HydroRail shower


If your father is more fond of cooking than eating and spends more time in the kitchen then it is best to give him something which is cool and helpful. Upgrade your dad’s cooking style with a brand new touchless faucet which will save his time tremendously and help him speed through his kitchen tasks. This faucet will save more time for cooking and your dad will now spend less time cleaning. Just add a little extras in the kitchen to shape the whole cooking process for your father. Redo the sink, add a modern and new chopping board and make his kitchen a professional work-station.

Touchless Faucet


Unlike most of the dads, does your father bond with you over technology? Is he always watching new launch videos of various gadgets and always wishes to purchase some for himself? Then add a little spark into his life and introduce him to Kohler’s smart toilet. Kohler’s Veil intelligent toilet is a smart toilet that will completely change the look of his bathroom and help him explore the new possibilities in bathrooms. This toilet has an automatic flush, heated seats that work on your control, and a touch screen remote to control all its functions. Kohler’s PureWarmth heated toilet seat is another gift that he may like. It is controlled by smartphones and it will keep him comfy on cold mornings. Top these smart toilets with a brand new Verdera voice lighted mirror, which can be controlled with Alexa Music and one can wake up and get ready to the sound of their favorite music.


Is your dad more concerned about his physique than you? And spends equal time in their home and their gyms? Then help him redo his bathroom to create a space of utmost comfort and relaxation. Let your dad come to a bathroom which helps him release all his tension with just a bath in Kohler’s whirlpool bath. Whirlpool bath has massaging jets which will help go in a meditative state, and will make him feel fresh. Create a room for the sauna in his bathroom with a DTV+ digital shower. And steam functionality that will make him sit more comfortably in his home, rather than going to the gym. Adding to the comfort, play some music in the bathroom which would help him soothe.


If your dad is an avid believer of having specific places for everything in the house. Then gifting him a space like Kohler’s Jute Vanity will give him the utmost satisfaction. It will be a one-stop for him to place everything easily in an organized manner. Add this vanity in your home and make space for new and previous things both. If the cluttered bathroom countertop makes your dad feel frustrated with the mess. Then give him the Bente accessory collection that will keep him coordinated with the soap dispenser, tumbler and a lidded canister all organized on the wooden tray.


Is your dad usually unhappy with the small changes and always thinks of redoing the house from the scratch? Then help him get in touch with the Kohler’s bathroom design service. A Kohler designer will help him create whatever he wishes to in the best way. This will help him in getting expert advice on the best products and designs and without any hassles.

PureWarmth Heated Toilet

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