Bidets are similar to basins for cleaning and washing your undercarriage after using the toilet. Bidet toilet is a specialized bathroom fixture that stands next to toilets with faucets and running water to help you clean. With modernization and technological innovation, bidets are becoming the most popular choice because of their advanced way of cleaning yourself.

The best bidet toilets showcase exemplary features like heated seats, adjustable water temperature and pressure, built-in air dryers, and deodorizers. Also, bidets help you elevate your bathroom space just like magic.

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1. Freestanding Bidet

A freestanding bidet is a traditional type of bidet designed to be placed next to the regular toilet. It looks more like a sink, allowing you to clean your body after using the toilet in a separate space.

This standalone unit of freestanding bidets brings versatility to any bathroom, adding functionality in the process. The model was created with the highest level of safety in mind, and it is also suitable for people of any body mass index. With an easy installation system, a bidet is mounted on the wall without taking up much space. It offers adjustable water pressure and temperature control systems for a better cleaning experience.

2. Built-in Water Bidet

A built-in water bidet is a bidet that has in-built integration of water systems. This seamless integration adds a refreshing cleaning experience to your everyday routine.
This innovative set is directly connected to the plumbing system, providing you with a continuous and reliable water supply that can be adjusted. The built-in water bidet is a hassle-free installation that ensures optimal hygiene in the bathroom.

3. Handheld Bidet

A handheld bidet, also known as a bidet shower or sprayer, functions as a nozzle attached to the toilet for cleaning. It allows you to direct and control the water to correct the positioning of the flow. The model ensures a comfortable grip and an easy process to use, where you can control water pressure according to your preference.
A handheld bidet is a convenient and enhanced way of maintaining personal hygiene that can be used after the toilet or to freshen up. It is one of the most cost-effective solutions and is a multipurpose bidet.

4. Warm Water Bidet

A warm water bidet is an upgrade to the traditional type of bidet, providing an enhanced cleaning experience. The bidet is built-in, freestanding, or sprayer attached, making it easier to use.
The warm water bidet offers advanced features like adjustable warm water temperature, adjustable pressure, a heated seat, and even drying air for an indulgent bathroom experience. Also, a warm water bidet adds a lot of glamour to your bathroom interiors

Tips for Using a Bidet Toilet

You must follow the following tips to use the Bidet correctly and for a seamlessly refreshing experience:

  • Check out the bidet to see if it’s working correctly before you use it. Familiarize yourself with the control panels and buttons.
  • Before starting the bidet, ensure you are positioned correctly to avoid missing the water pressure.
  • Start with the gentle water pressure, gradually increase it, and adjust it accordingly to the level that makes you feel comfortable. Do not start with too much pressure. It can cause splashes of water.
  • Hold the nozzle correctly and position it in the right place to direct the water flow accurately, ensuring a thorough cleaning.
  • Keep the spray back in place or shut the valve of your bidet.
  • After using the bidet or cleaning yourself with the flowing water, it is advisable to pat dry using toilet paper or a clean towel. Pat gently.
  • Once you are done, clean the bidet using the instructions given while you brought it. Regular cleaning of the bidet keeps you safe and bacteria-free, while the bathroom area is hygienic.
  • Experiment with the additional features of the Bidet, like an air dryer and deodorizer.


  • Be cautious before you sit down to use your bidet for the first time. Know how it works properly.
  • Be cautious while adjusting the water temperature to avoid any discomfort. Starting with a gentler or lower water temperature would be the right thing to do.
  • Starting a high level of water flow can cause water to splash on you and all over the bathroom area. Start with the gentle water supply level and adjust the water level accordingly.
  • You must position yourself correctly on the bidet. Positioning the spray correctly is also essential.
  • Once you are done using the bidet, leaving it unclean can cause severe illness. Make sure you keep it hygienic and bacteria-free. Refer to the instructions provided by the seller to clean the bidet.

By exercising these cautious, hygienic, and clean practices, you can use the bidet toilet effectively and carefully.


Final Thoughts

Every bidet has its own features and directions for use. It will take some time to get used to, which is fine. Using a bidet by following the above-mentioned tips and keeping in mind the cautious nature of bidet toilets can give you a completely new experience of cleaning yourself, along with adding glamour to your bathroom interiors.

If you haven’t considered using a bidet, you can consider Kohler toilets designed using the latest technological features. Kohler bidet toilets come in different variations, which you can choose based on your preference, making it a worthwhile decision for your bathroom and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you still wipe with a bidet?

People have started using bidets for cleaning and wiping after using the toilet. It has made the process go smoothly and comfortably.

2. Are bidets hygienic?

Yes, bidets are very hygienic, as they provide thorough cleaning. Using a bidet ensures the highest level of safety and personal hygiene if you use it with care.

3. What is the bidet toilet attachment?

A bidet toilet attachment is a device that can be added to any toilet to give it the functions of a bidet. It generally includes water sprayers for cleaning purposes.

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