Choosing the right wash basin for your bathroom can significantly impact the overall theme and functionality. With the many options in the types of wash basins, including the design, size, colour, pattern, material, and features of a wash basin, it may get challenging to choose one.

From space consideration and functionality to the overall appearance, each aspect plays a significant role in defining the bathroom’s ambience.

In this blog, we will take you through some tips you should know while picking the right wash basin to ensure both practicality and style. These tips will ease your buying process while allowing you to make an informed decision.


Kohler wash basin

Washbasins come in different sizes to fit perfectly in your space. Choosing the correct size is essential, as it defines the beauty of your bathroom and makes it look organized. If your bathroom is small, consider buying a corner or compact basin to save more space. If your bathroom size is standard or large, you can choose the one that fits your style.


Hand-wash basins are manufactured in various materials, including ceramic, marble, stone, glass, or resin. All types of wash basin materials are trendy among people. It’s just about the preference and the wash basin material other bathroom elements are made of to make them look compatible.

If you are looking for a wash basin with an exceptional design or style, ceramic has a lot of options. If you want to add a luxurious touch to your bathroom space, marble or stone basins work wonders with their cutting-edge and moderate look. Choose glass-material basins if you ensure their safety by not dropping off the things. Vanity wash basins are generally made of a resin material because they are less heavy. So choose wisely!


Kohler colour design and style

Choose the right colour, style, and design that compliment your bathroom theme well to make your bathroom look more harmonized and visually appealing. Choose the right coloured masterpiece that matches the bathroom colour and theme, whether you pick white, beige, bold, or vibrant hues. No matter what design you select, aesthetic, minimalistic, modern, or traditional, it should align with your preferences and bathroom texture. You can also consider the shape of the wash basin; square, oval, rectangle, round, or any unique shape to add visual interest and enhance your bathroom space.


When choosing the perfect wash basin for any type of bathroom, functionality should always be your key consideration. Functionality depends on whether you want to use your basin daily for bathroom use or for guests. It also depends on the number of users and the ease of use. Though there are many considerations, choose a comfortable wash basin that seamlessly integrates into your daily routine and is easy to use while elevating your bathroom space. Look for functional features like the built-in system, size, and space it will cover. By prioritising the functionality tip, you can make an informed decision.


It is crucial to consider that the wash basin you choose must be compatible with your preferred faucet. You will find some basins with pre-drilled faucet holes and others with wall-mounted or freestanding faucets.

Choose a faucet that is both functional and appealing to compliment the wash basin. Consider functional features like ease of use, easy maintenance, and durability. Selecting the right faucet and basin ensures seamless installation and connectivity between the two to create a cohesive look in the bathroom.


Careful consideration of these factors would work wonders in selecting the right wash basin. Ensure you choose the one that fits your needs perfectly, with comfort as the preferred element. Deciding on your hand wash basin price in Nepal will also be an effective decision for you.

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