Creating The Perfect Spa-Like Retreat In Your Bathroom

Spas and hotels are preferred retreat spaces for many. However, we ignore me-time or spa time because we must leave our comfort zones and step out. If that’s the case, it is time to convert a part of the house into a calm and relaxing retreat. And there is no other place better to transition than the bathroom shower into a spa-like retreat. This space is where you can unwind and rejuvenate after stressful routines. In this blog, we will understand, explore, and check the possibilities of incorporating a handsome, spa-like bathroom shower that epitomizes luxury and rejuvenation.

Splash of Serenity: Crafting Your Perfect Bathroom Shower Spa-Like Retreat

Below are a few tips and methods appropriate for small bathroom designs with showers as well as bathroom designs with tub and shower combinations. You can scroll through all the pointers and incorporate them into your bathrooms.

Spa-Like Retreat In Your Bathroom Shower - Kohler Nepal

Choose Soothing Colours

For your showers or bathroom toilets to have a spa-like retreat vibe, one of the initial things to do while designing them is add calming vibes. This includes selecting the right colour theme and incorporating soothing elements. Colours like beige, off-white, soft greens, gentle greys, and even earthy tones are apt for such purposes.

Include Natural Elements

The touch of nature always accentuates a space. It can be made up of wood, bamboo and even marble. Such elements are renowned for their ability to evoke a spa-like ambience in a space. For your bathroom shower to have nature’s touch, try to include potted plants and succulents, which can further enhance your bathroom’s tactile and sensory experience.

Warm Lighting

Lights play a key role in defining the vibe of a place. It can relax you and, at the same time, boost your productivity. You can usually spot dimming and soft lighting in spas or wellness centres to create a soothing and relaxing ambience. And thankfully, you can replicate the same in your bathroom space with Kohler lighting. Additionally, you can add decorative lamps and candles to light up the space. 


A cluttered space can be uncomfortable and keep you uneasy. The same goes for bathrooms and showers. Keep only the essentials and utilize every space. For instance, instead of keeping your utilities near the countertop or lying around, organize them in the cabinets, shelves and even bamboo baskets. According to home décor experts, clutter-free spaces always keep the mind stress-free and relaxed. 

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Dash Of Greenery

We can’t stress enough the benefits of including more greenery inside your home or even in the bathroom. Indoor plants add depth to the space and make a very inviting room. While picking them, ensure the plants are apt for the hot and humid bathroom environment. Remember, a place looks extraordinarily rich if you take the décor on a personal level. 


A powerful and effective tool for relaxation is aromatherapy. You can begin by experimenting with scented candles, essential oils and even diffusers. Many soothing scents, including chamomile, lavender, vanilla, and even eucalyptus, can instantly reduce stress and improve your relaxing experiences. 

Invest in Decor

Home decor can make a lot of difference in redefining your space. Add luxurious towels, nice mats, rain showers by Kohler, and high-quality textiles that complement your overall colour palette of the bathroom. This will ensure you have a cosy setup in your bathroom. 

Minimise distractions

During retreats, try to leave all the interactions behind. Use Kohler smart technology to ease your time in the bathroom and have a mindful time. And one of the best ways to unwind is to have a relaxing shower or soak in for a long bath. This sort of self-pampering will keep you rejuvenated and motivated throughout your daily ups and downs.

Perfect Spa-Like Retreat In Your Bathroom

You can transform your bathroom shower or bathtub into a wellness sanctuary if you plan and design in advance. By following the above-mentioned ways, you can definitely optimize your space and add luxurious and technologically advanced fixtures and accessories. Kohler is one such brand, with its rich legacy spanning over 150 years and a rich and unique collection of sanitary fixtures that have revolutionized luxury and functionality. We recommend it’s always a good time to invest in your wellness and savour relaxing moments whenever you’re at home. Let your journey of self-care and wellness begin now and from a beautifully designed bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What kind of shower is best?

Kohler showers are among the best and most innovative showers that accentuate bathing experiences like no other. Its bathroom showers include a Rain Duet Filter Shower, Mist Showerhead, Rain Duet Edge shower 203 mm, and many other products that rejuvenate you every time you step into the shower.

2. What are showers made of?

Showers are made of materials like PV, steel, and acrylic. As for Kohler, they are created to remove impurities, chlorine & heavy metals from the water, making every shower less horrifying.

3. Why showers are important?

Yes, showering is important because it lets you get rid of odor, perspiration, sweat and bacteria. Although, showering too frequently might not work for a few. However, experts recommend that you shower several times a week. Showering has several advantages- from awakening your senses to keeping you healthy and glowing.

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