The Future of Hygiene: Different Types of Toilets

The sanitary industry has come a long way from its earlier days. From basic toilets and cast iron bathtubs to intelligent toilets and smart showers, the sanitation world has evolved in millions of ways. It has slowly intertwined and fitted seamlessly into our homes, workplaces, and everywhere we go. These kitchen, bath and sanitary products are in every part of the world. In the case of Kohler, it has grown beyond its home country, completing 150 glorious years of existence. Its history, values, and technological innovation have led Kohler to become a global bath and kitchen accessories leader. Counted among the pioneers, Kohler has changed the sanitary industry, simultaneously collating and creating multiple collections.

In this blog, we will explore the various types of toilets and their smart and intelligent additions and find out how Kohler has actually curated the aesthetics of modern living.

Kohler Smart Toilet in Nepal

Kohler has multiple ranges of intelligent toilets. A few of them are powerful, smart and possess excellent features. Over the years, Kohler has utilized in-house expertise and research methodologies to create the most intelligent toilet. Features like self-cleaning wands, touchless flushing and light functionalities made Kohler smart toilets a mind-blowing addition to the sanitary fixtures industry. These toilets are also known for their effectiveness and automatic functions, transforming every product into interactive designs with great appeal and beauty.

Choosing Smart & Intelligent Toilet Technology

Toilets can also be an element in the bathroom that can accentuate the look of a place, and Kohler has proven this to its customers multiple times. Toilets like NUMI 2.0, Veil and Innate have elevated the appeal of every space they have been installed in. Our teams from across the globe make the best use of their craftsmanship to create products that are perfected after endless hours of research and production. At Kohler, we believe that our passion for creating unique products steers us ahead in the industry. Below are a few smart toilets that make Kohler a trusted brand by millions worldwide.


Veil is a one-of-a-kind, compact smart toilet integrated with a personal cleansing system. It’s easy to use, and the elongated bowl adds to the comfort of the space. This smart toilet also has the feature of Comfort Height®, which makes sitting and standing easy for adults. Veil’s tankless design comes in handy for saving water and conserving it. The stainless wands within the bowls are adjustable and contain front and rear washing modes for cleansing. Furthermore, a self-cleaning function uses UV light and an electrolyzed water system to clean the wand surfaces. Apart from these, the automatic deodorization system, motion-activated opening and closing of the cover, emergency flushes and touch-screen LCD remote control make it an industry best-seller.

NUMI 2.0.

This one-piece elongated smart toilet dual flush is NUMI 2.0, which is renowned for its sculptural design and advanced technology. This toilet also features next-level personalized settings that redefine new standards in luxury sanitary systems.


Another tankless design by Kohler, the Karing toilet offers a stunning style statement for personal cleansing. A touchscreen remote, heated seat, air-dryer, and customized settings exist within this smart toilet commode. The Karing design also has a built-in LED night light and hands-free opening and closing, giving it the required edge in the market.


Just like the rest of the Kohler smart toilet, Innate is a premium smart toilet with integrated bidet tech, water control, temperature control, electrolyzed water rising, automatic lids, deodorization, and a touchless flush. This model also has a nightlight, heated seat, and warm air dryer for the colder days. These functionalities are intuitive and can be controlled via a handheld remote.


The Eir is another addition to the new intelligent toilets. It is the epitome of smart tech and luxury. It is apt for different installation systems functional under low water pressure environments. And It also has a one-click sanitizer button, which keeps the toilet bowl clean and hygienic.

Smart Toilets Kohler Nepal

One of the utmost reasons smart toilets are a thing in the luxury sanitary industry is their unparalleled hygiene and exquisite toileting experience. Kohler has the eye and the expertise to create such innovative products that constantly elevate people’s lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which type of toilet is hygienic?

Kohler smart toilets are the bestsellers for hygiene spaces in the bathrooms. There are a variety of hygienic sanitary products by Kohler which have stood the test of time and are appreciated for their high-quality design and aesthetics. 

2. What is the main purpose of a bidet?

The main purpose of a bidet is to help you clean your nether area right after using the washroom. In many reports, it has been said that using bidets is much more hygienic than using tissue paper. 

3. Which flush is best for the toilet?

Kohler has a collection of touchless flush or automatic flush, which enable users to have a clean and hygienic environment in the bathroom. If you’re looking for options which conserve water, the Kohler is your best choice. 

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