When it comes to creating eye-catchy home interiors, we all love to go with the latest design trends. Taking inspiration from the prevailing home decorating idea, we tend to carefully pick up the elements of décor and flawlessly blend them to set the right aesthetic tone. Wall colors, patterns, contours, artwork, furnishings, and texture perfectly align, imparting an irresistibly exquisite charm to our lovely abode.

Every space in our home is infused with a chic décor style. However, when it comes to bathrooms, we have a slightly laid-back attitude. Our bath area is as an essential part of our house as any other area. Think of it this way. Your bathroom should give a refreshing start to your day and for that, it should be as beautiful and systematic as other sections of your house.

If you are searching for the most trending yet versatile interior ideas for your bath space, consider giving it a matte black finish with bathroom accessories and the right blend of colors. Here are a few reasons you can think of giving your bathroom a matte-black look:


Matte-black exudes classic and ageless elegance. If you are living with a myth that matte black decor items, like bathroom and kitchen accessories, will make your bath or cooking area look dull and monotonous, you should rethink. Scroll through the images of bathrooms with matte-black interiors, and you will see for yourself that the trend is, indeed, picking up very fast. Modern, traditional or a balanced mix of two design styles, this color has the power to add richness and luxurious appeal to the aesthetics. Incorporating it in the form of furnishings, wall colors, or flooring will radiate regality.

Kohler Bathroom Accessories

It is versatile

Matte-black is famous for its versatile nature. In the world of interior design, matte-black is one color that will, probably, never lose its charm. Diverging from the norm of covering their bathrooms in vivid and vibrant colors, a lot of people have moved to giving matte-black finish to their bath areas, one of the most prominent reasons being universality. A monochromatic color theme or design scheme of creating a mix-match of black with varied colors, this very color has the strength to elevate your overall interiors.

Open to experimentations

Matte black bathroom accessories set comprises countertops, faucets, cabinet handles, towel holders, showerheads, and many more. They form a seamless combination with almost all types of interior styles and hence, have become a preferred choice of a lot of people. They enjoy the leverage of refashioning the bath décor without spending too much time and money.

Minimalistic and classy

Having a matte-black backdrop in your bathroom interiors is an unobtrusive way of giving prominence to your favorite décor items. A simplistic yet classy charm lies amid the versatility of this color. With matte-black color, showcase your individualistic style and highlight your personal design preference. You can turn your bathroom into a reflection of your persona by integrating just the right amount of matte-black. Make a bold statement with black bathroom accessories by Kohler and embrace an innovative and impressive interior décor trend.

Durable and easy to maintain

When we create bathroom interiors, we think beyond the aesthetic appeal and give due importance to longevity along with easy maintenance. Matte-black finish encompasses both these factors, significantly lowering your efforts of keeping your interiors intact and blemish-free for a longer period of time. Bath accessories in this color are scratch resistant and very easy to clean. You can comfortably wipe off fingerprints and water stains on these products with a soft cloth and liquid cleaner. If you are looking for durable and low-maintenance bathroom accessories, Kohler has a range of products to choose from.


Matte-black bathroom interiors have become the favorite among designers as well as homeowners, alike. Given their versatility, durability, and simplistic elegance, they are being chosen over other décor trends by the masses. Matte-black is the new design norm now, and let’s look into ways for incorporating it in our bath interiors.

Give a bold touch with black walls

The dark and smoky matte-black look combined with metallic colors will surely leave a stunning impact on the spectators. You can shade your walls in gorgeous black hues by fixing tiles or by simply painting them. Integrating them with metallic bathroom accessories can add a subtle yet royal finish to your aesthetic bathroom interiors.

Create a blend of shades

The best part about using matte-black is that you can blend it with almost every color. Black and white interior theme or an appropriate mixture of different shades, matte black can effortlessly uplift your bath décor while giving other decorative bathroom accessories a dominant effect.

Simply accessorize

A very simple and great way of incorporating matte-black in your bath decor is by adding accessories with a black finish. They can instantly elevate the visual appeal without consuming a lot of time, effort, and money.

The very first thing that comes to our mind when we plan our bathroom interiors is that they should be beautiful, long-lasting, universal and easy to revamp. Matte black bath décor matches every expectation that we have while designing our bathroom. Be it a modish interior style of the USA or vintage decoration in Nepal, black bathroom accessories, background color, or other elements, like towel holder, soap case, soap dispenser, etc. bring dynamism and versatility to the interiors.


Are matte black bathroom fixtures hard to keep clean?

No, matte black bathroom fixtures are not difficult to clean. However, you have to make sure that you regularly clean them so that dirt, watermarks and fingerprints stick to them. It can hamper the entire look of your bathroom interiors. Wipe off dirt and marks from the fixtures using warm soapy water and a smooth microfiber cloth.

What are the benefits of a matte-black finish?

There is no doubt the matte-black finish gives a subtle yet classy touch to your bathroom interiors. But there are other benefits as well. Matte-black finish is known to be versatile, easy to maintain, and durable.

Is matte black hard to maintain?

No, matte-black is not at all hard to maintain. Rather, they can be cleaned quickly and often do not bear scratches. All you have to make sure is that you clean it with soft fiber and soapy water. Do not use chemical cleaners as it can damage the color of fixtures.

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