Detail is essential when designing a luxurious bathroom. Homeowners who focus on tiles, fixtures, and lighting often overlook a well-designed wash basin. A wash basin serves as the centerpiece of any washroom, and its design can elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. This blog will explore the importance of wash basin design and how it can make your washroom luxurious. We will also touch upon different wash basin types, materials, and prices in Nepal.

Kohler Wash Basin Designs


Kohler, a renowned brand in sanitary ware, offers a wide range of wash basin designs that blend functionality with elegance. Whether you prefer contemporary, minimalist, or traditional styles, Kohler has designs to suit every taste. From sleek rectangular basins to gracefully curved ones, their collection boasts exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Kohler wash basin designs are known for their premium quality and durability. They are made of durable materials that resist stains and scratches. These basins come in various sizes and heights to suit different washroom layouts and user preferences.

Wash Basin Sink


The choice of wash basin sink style can significantly influence the overall aesthetic. The most common wash basin types include under mount, top mount, pedestal, and vessel sinks. Each style offers a distinct visual appeal and functionality. For a luxurious washroom, consider opting for a vessel sink on the countertop, creating a striking focal point.

Apart from the sink style, the material of the wash basin plays a crucial role in defining its luxuriousness. Popular wash basin materials include ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, and stainless steel. Ceramic and porcelain are durable, while glass and marble add sophistication and elegance. Stainless steel basins, on the other hand, are modern and industrial.

Best Wash Basin

Optimal Height and Placement

The wash basin height from the floor level is important for aesthetic appeal and ergonomic functionality. Washbasins are usually 32–34 inches (81–86 cm) from the floor. However, the user’s height must be considered and adjusted. Mounting the basin ensures comfortable usage and enhances the overall luxurious experience.

Wash Basin Price in Nepal

While the aesthetic appeal of a wash basin is crucial, it’s important to consider your budget when purchasing. In Nepal, the price range of wash basins varies depending on the factors like brand, design, and material. It is advisable to explore different options and compare prices at various retailers. The price range of toilet commodes and wash basins in Nepal can cater to different budget requirements, allowing you to find a luxurious wash basin that suits your preferences.


A well-designed wash basin or wash basin sink can transform your washroom into a luxurious haven. Kohler offers a wide range of wash basin designs that combine functionality with elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to your space. Carefully selecting the sink style and material and ensuring the optimal height will further enhance the overall aesthetics and usability of the wash basin. Keep your budget in mind when deciding. A well-designed wash basin can make your bathroom luxurious and stylish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which shape is best for a wash basin?

Ans. Your bathroom design and personal preference determine the best wash basin shape. Square, rectangular, circular, and oval are popular shapes. Circular and oval basins are more organic than rectangular, sleek and modern basins. Modern-looking square basins are popular. The best shape matches your bathroom’s style and meets your needs

Q. What material is used for a wash basin?

Ans. Wash basins are made of different materials with different properties. Ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, and stainless steel make wash basins. Durability, stain resistance, and low maintenance make ceramic and porcelain basins popular. Marble basins exude luxury and natural beauty, while glass basins add elegance and sophistication. Stainless steel basins are popular for their durability and hygiene.

Q. Which trap is used for a wash basin?

Ans. Wash Basin traps are called bottle traps. Bottle traps block drainpipe odors and gases from entering the bathroom. A curved pipe with a water seal traps debris below the washbasin to prevent plumbing clogs. Bottle traps come in plastic, brass, or chrome-plated brass in various sizes to fit different wash basin installations.

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