Understanding Various Kinds of Basin Taps & How to Choose the Right One 

Basins are the most crucial part of your home. They are in your bathrooms and kitchen, providing a hygienic space to wash hands, clean utensils, and perform other daily tasks. From morning to bedtime, basins contribute to your lifestyle just like a companion who is always there whenever you need them. Besides all the practical aspects of a basin, its tap doubles the efficiency and convenience of accessing the water.  

A basin tap is a desirable component that completes a basin’s purpose. It controls the temperature and pressure of the water while you focus on water-related tasks. It is an integral part that also contributes to the aesthetics of a basin in space, balancing its potential performance.  

Basin taps are available in a comprehensive category and range from timeless classic designs to contemporary sleek patterns that create a modern appeal. They also add to your interior decor and look absolutely captivating. From material to finish, every tap design is unique and ensures quality and durability for a longer time.  

basin mixer tap

Well, here are some of the common types of basin taps you must delve deep into and consider when buying one: 

  1. Basin Pillar Taps 

Basin pillar taps are the most popular type of tap in traditional styles and are known for easing water-related tasks in our everyday lives. They are either a single tap, which is a basin mixer tap, or two taps, one for hot and the other for cold. They are designed with precision and a premium finish that makes them classic for any space. 

  1. Mono Basin Types  

The common basin tap in modern times is the mono basin, a basin mixer tap. It has a single sprout for both hot and cold temperatures with a single lever, which effectively controls the flow and temperature of the water. This addition eases the task while enhancing the overall look and keeping it all elegant and simple. 

  1. Tall Basin Tap Types 

Tall basin taps are the type of taps that are comparatively tall and have one tap hole and one sprout. It is a type that is also not short on style while keeping up with functionality. These tall taps often contribute to the style element in contemporary spaces and are exclusively used on countertops. Additionally, such designs lead to less cluttered and more visually appealing spaces due to their captivative design and pattern. 

  1. Wall Mounted Taps  

Another in the range is the wall-mounted taps, designed to be attached to the walls. These wall-mounted basin taps are ideal for countertop basin types with a minimalist look and a clean, inviting space. Being designed as premium, they can transform areas into luxurious spaces. 

  1. Basin Mixer Tap 

Basin mixer taps are the category which comprises a single tap and sprout that allow the flow of both hot and cold temperatures. They are contemporary additions to traditional ones, saving a lot of space and igniting the illusion of a minimal and inviting environment. 

Choosing the Right Basin Tap  

Now that you know the types of taps available, choosing the right one is also significant. The proper tap selection for your basin ensures long-term investment, optimal functionality, fulfillment of your requirements, and contribution to water efficiency.  

The following factors will ease your task by making you stick to the right one: 

  1. Design 

The design of the tap ensures the aesthetic appeal of the basin and the space, especially its integration with the entire decor. Hence, considering the design of the tap is of the utmost importance, as it contributes to your experience in the bathroom and kitchen and influences your lifestyle.   

  1. Functionality 

Functionality determines the practical aspect of the tap—how compliant the tap is with the efficiency of water. Look into its design, ease of use, specifications, and functions to know if it suits your requirements and matches the standard level of quality. 

  1. Performance 

Performance determines how effectively and efficiently the tap delivers. It is one of the most significant factors to consider, as it allows for long-term investment in your space and lifestyle. 

With its commitment to quality and excellence, Kohler Nepal offers a tremendous range of basin taps and basin mixer taps and a detailed guide to help you make the informed decision that your space deserves.  

Consider the factors and invest in a more enriched lifestyle with top-quality taps. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What’s the difference between bath taps and basin taps?

Bath taps are specially made for bath purposes and are comparatively bigger than basin taps. 

  1. What are the components of a basin tap?

Handle, spout, valve, and aerator are the common components of basin taps. 

  1. What is a basin mixer tap?

A basin mixer tap is one that has a single tap and a single sprout to access both hot and cold temperatures. 

  1. Can basin taps be used in showers? 

Yes, it can be.


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