Exploring Varieties of Wash Basin Taps

New bathroom wash basin taps are a stellar way of enhancing the overall look of your cloakroom, bathroom, and en-suite without spending money on a complete refurbishment. It’s definitely worth taking your time to find out which wash basin tap will suit your requirements & what will enhance the design of your bathroom.

However, choosing is not quite as straightforward as it sounds. Whether you are planning to update the space or renovate the entire bathroom. The selection of bathroom sink taps is pivotal in making your bathroom stand out. The right combination enhances your bathroom multifold. Here are the top bathroom taps to consider.

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Mono Basin Mixer Taps

The monobloc tap is the most popular type of basin tap in contemporary bathrooms. As the name implies, they have a single spout from which hot and cold water are supplied, and only one tap hole is needed. A single lever typically controls the flow and temperature. However, some taps have twin levers with one lever for hot and one for cold water, allowing you better control over the temperature.

Bathroom mixer taps come in various designs, including contemporary and traditional, curved and square, waterfall and aerated spouts. There are many different finishes, with chrome being the most common. Other options include matt black, stainless steel, gold, and nickel. 

Before Finalizing

Mono basin mixers are the most common type of basin taps, although not all bathrooms suit them. Consider where the new basin tap will go if replacing the old one. If you install your new tap on a basin with two pre-drilled tap holes because you previously had a pair of basin pillar taps, drilling another hole in the center and leaving the other two holes will look odd. If you’re getting a mono basin mixer in addition to a new basin, you must once more decide how many tap holes the basin has before choosing your tap.

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Basin Pillar Taps

Basin pillar taps are a standard fixture, even if you don’t know what they are called. The wash basin pillar taps contain two taps: one for hot water and one for cold water. They are more prevalent in bathrooms with a classic design or older homes. Foreign visitors aren’t used to washing their hands between blistering hot or ice-cold water.

As we’ve already discussed, having good hot and cold water pressure is essential for a mono basin mixer to work correctly; otherwise, the tap would struggle to provide you with any hot water and only dispense cold water. You won’t need to worry about it with a pillar tap for the wash basin. Yes, as with any faucet, you must ensure that the bathroom has enough water pressure for the tap you want to buy. However, since a basin pillar tap has separate taps for the hot and cold water, it doesn’t matter if your water pressure varies. 

Hole Basin Taps

Although hole basin taps, as their name suggests, need three holes, they perform similarly to mono basin mixers in that both hot and cold water come out of a single spout. The hot and cold levers are in the other two holes, while the spout is in the first. Although it does imply that you might need both hands to tweak the knobs to find the ideal temperature, this gives you superb control over both water flow and temperature. Is the added style worth the minor inconvenience of not always being able to utilize the tap with one hand? You are the only one who can decide.


Wall-Mounted Basin Taps 

The most contemporary basin taps, along with tall basin mixers, are wall-mounted taps, which, as with tall basin mixers, are best used with countertop basins. The entire space around your basin is kept clear, and a far more minimalist appearance is achieved by mounting the taps on the wall. Wall-mounted faucets were once exclusively found in the most opulent hotels, spas, and dining establishments. Wall mixer taps are also becoming popular owing to their ease of use. 

There are various varieties of wall-mounted basin taps, just like there are for other basin faucets. Of course, there are contemporary and classic designs, as well as those with a single temperature and flow control and those with separate handles for hot and cold water. Additionally, some include a backplate and some do not. Excluding the taps with a backplate is preferable if you want the most contemporary and basic appearance.


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Closing Thought:

The selection of taps remains an essential decision in the final bathroom design. It enhances the bathroom’s design aesthetic apart from serving the vital functions. You can choose modern or traditional styles based on your taste and preferences. While looking for the best-in-class faucets, opt for Kohler sink faucets to elevate your bathroom to new heights. It includes a wide range of faucets, including a Kohler basin mixer, wall-mounted taps and a whole range of faucets to usher in a new era of luxurious bath experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What type of tap is used in the wash basin?

Basin mixer taps employing hot and cold water are among the popular taps used in wash basins.

2. Which company tap is best in Nepal?

Kohler offers the best-in-class taps, combining style with functionality in Nepal.

3. Can I replace a tap myself?

You can replace the tap with proper tools and basic plumbing knowledge.

4. How does a basin tap work?

A tap is a tool that regulates how much water flows from a water source into a washbasin, basin, or bath. The handle and the valve comprise its two primary components in most cases. The handle turns the valve on and off, which regulates water flow.

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