5 Must-Have Sanitaryware Items to Make Your Bathroom Luxurious

Worried about how to make your small bathroom look opulent? Luxury is never defined by space. Instead, a space should have the power to define luxury. No matter how big or small your bathroom is, it’s always about how you accessorize it with the best sanitaryware items. Even the smallest bathroom can embody luxury if adorned thoughtfully.

Choosing sanitaryware items can transform your small bathroom space into a luxury bathroom. Each element works like magic, from elegant faucets to opulent fixtures, redefining your bathroom’s grandeur. Their clever placement and meticulous design enhance their utility, making the bathroom look more spacious and inviting.

Read the complete blog to delve into the must-have sanitaryware products that work wonders in elevating your small bathroom space into a luxury oasis.

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What are Sanitaryware items?

Sanitaryware items are the essential bathroom components that influence your everyday bathroom experience. The items are designed to facilitate cleanliness and hygiene in various ways. It includes toilets, bidets, bathtubs, shower heads, and faucets.

Sanitaryware is a fusion of form and function that completes a bathroom, serving a useful purpose and contributing to its design. Not just bathrooms with enough space, but these sanitaryware items can also be placed in smaller bathrooms to make them look luxurious. The right choice of sanitary can turn the ambience, offering a sense of comfort and convenience.

Kohler Sanitaryware for Small Bathroom

5 Must-Have Sanitaryware Items

Shower Head

A showerhead is an essential element that can transform even the smallest bathroom spaces, making them look luxurious. The sleek and modern design of showerheads adds elegance to the bathroom, giving the illusion of expanded space. Showerheads are available in a variety of designs, like wall-mounted or handheld. However, a well-chosen design that is space-saving and smart contributes to the elegance of small bathrooms.

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Bathroom Faucet

Bathroom faucets are the elements that make the bathroom look complete. The proper selection of bathroom faucets is crucial for smaller bathrooms to create the illusion of a larger and more elegant space. Small yet minimal faucet designs enhance the room’s visual appeal, creating a sense of openness. Bring compact designs to use to free up more space and make it look brighter.

Toilet Seats

The toilet seat, though an essential element to serve a functional purpose, contributes to the bathroom’s aesthetics. They have a massive impact on the overall design of the space. Hence, choosing a suitable toilet seat becomes crucial, especially for small bathroom sizes. Opt for sleek, minimal, and off-colour designs to save more space and add a touch of luxury. Choose the type of toilet seat that is compact but also functionally compatible with balancing the entire interior.

Intelligent Toilet

Intelligent toilets, a must-have sanitaryware item, have taken a desirable place in bathroom design. These toilet designs have integrated innovation to simplify your task and make the bathroom look smart. Especially if you have a small bathroom, intelligent toilets offer unparalleled sophistication by compacting the additional fixtures. The innovative features make the space seem more expansive and inviting.


Bathtubs are another must-have for luxurious or spa-like bathroom feels. But how about small bathrooms with bathtubs? As bathtubs are the iconic fixtures complimenting the entire bathroom theme, they should not be overlooked due to their compact bathroom designs. Instead, the proper selection of bathtubs can be a soothing retreat. The space-saving and sleek designs work wonders here!


Final Thoughts

These are the must-have sanitaryware that, when chosen thoughtfully, can transform your small bathroom into a luxurious oasis. The selection requires consideration of factors like size, colour, design, and the bathroom theme. Try aiming for space-saving fixtures and fittings to make the illusion of more space inviting and opulent.

Kohler offers a range of sanitary ware items that are of high quality and ensure durability and design at their best. Known for its luxurious designs and top-notch functionality, it offers pieces for every bathroom type, from compact to large. Offer your bathroom a chic and lavish retreat by choosing the right items. What are you waiting for? Your small bathroom design needs an appealing makeover to be a luxury bathroom! Find Kohler sanitary ware near me in Nepal.

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