How To Set Up An Extraordinary Bathroom Space?

Sometimes, we go to all lengths of the earth to pick accessories for our bathrooms. These can either be singularly picked or as a collection. Both ways yield different results, irrespective of whether you are repurposing your bathroom or setting up a new one. Certainly, your mind is filled with designs and layouts, but before you go ahead with them, it is always a good idea to look at what’s happening in the current market and trending. This exercise will, eventually, give you a lot of perspective and help you decide how to set up an extraordinary bathroom space? and what accessories and styles to select for your bathroom or which ones you can skip.

Consider These Before Designing For Showering, Toilet And Basin Area

A Great Layout:

Before you build your dream private space, having a solid bathroom design layout is wise. The space needs to be practically designed, keeping in mind the user and the number of people who will be using it. Before you splurge out, working things around your convenience is always better. You must also understand the ambience you wish to create or experience personally. Meanwhile, you must also select your sanitary fixtures that must be positioned accordingly. All the above can be achieved if you have a suitable and ‘working’ layout.

Kohler solid bathroom design


At times, positioning or fixing mirrors – big or small in the bathrooms can create a beautiful illusion of space. It makes the bathroom appear bigger, better and a lot more attractive. Mirrors, nowadays, come in varied shapes and sizes, which has made them a preferred choice for homeowners and interior designers.

Statement Piece:

Designing your bathroom is a personal affair. One would definitely want to keep or place a showpiece or highlight in the bathroom that reflects their style and themselves. There are numerous options of luxury bathroom accessories or bathroom décor accessories available that can be easily incorporated into your washroom.

Amazing Lighting:

The presence of light makes everything easier. It should include plenty of natural light, although now, almost all bathrooms have artificial lighting and other kinds of special lights to add more character to a space. Here, you must consider which light suits a specific area. For instance, your vanity space would need better lighting, while on the other hand, your showering space would need dim lights. Do not forget about energy efficiency and that nothing substitutes natural light.


Bathrooms without ventilation can be a drawback. It affects the overall vibe as well as the appearance of the bathroom. On the other hand, a well-ventilated bathroom can have a great impact while one is in there. It just keeps everything airy, and ventilation in any space is always a necessity.

Kohler Luxury Bathroom

Absolutes For Your Luxury Bathroom

Taps And Faucets:

Kohler taps and faucets are a delight. Despite being the most common and much-needed accessory in a bathroom, taps and faucets can impact the look of your bathroom. If you really wish to add Kohler’s impressive accents to your private space, one way to go about it is to sift through the plethora of collections that Kohler offers. From their functionality designs to colours and accents, Kohler adds a touch of luxury and supremacy to all its sanitary fixtures and products and makes every user’s life easier and more comfortable.


Clutter is always a turn-off in a bathroom – the toiletries and other extra stuff. To make space look neat and clean, it is always wise to have a vanity in your bathroom. Such additions make your bathroom appear extra convenient and, at the same time, add to the style quotient. 


Looking for showers? Here’s where the constant surfing stops. Kohler showers are available in trending designs and functionalities, which one can only imagine. They are of the best quality and allow experiences that are the presently most-loved in the market. Over 150 years of existence, Kohler now understands what users truly desire in their privacy and what could really get them to relax.


Another classic addition to any bathroom, bathtubs are meant for users who enjoy long baths. From the comfort of laying in the water to enjoying bath bombs, bathtubs are everything ‘luxe’ in the truest sense. Kohler bathtubs are designs ergonomically to provide a superior experience to its users. One which feels truly luxurious and rewarding simultaneously.


The toilets and bidets are another set of absolutes for your bathroom. They are available in all sizes with extraordinary features. These toilets and bidets ensure that the user has a comfortable time in the privacy of their bathroom. Kohler bidets and toilet seats are some of the best available in the market, with various health faucets, jet sprays and other toilet accessories for utmost convenience.

Wash Basins:

There are endless options when it comes to wash basins. From pedestal and wall-mounted ones to countertops, Kohler wash basins are available with every functionality. While some come with stylish accents, some collections solely focus on contemporary designs and aesthetics. These washbasins undergo extensive quality checks to ensure that they last through lifetimes and do ruin in a few years.

If you are not into picking single products and designing your bathroom alone, Kohler’s ‘Shop The Look’ option might suit your requirements. From picking looks to bathroom combos to any particular area combo, Kohler has it all. To access these pristine collections in the sanitary fixtures market, either head to Kohler stores in Nepal or simply get them install via an online request.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What accessories are usually in a bathroom?

A typical and well-functioning bathroom has toilet seats, bidets, faucets, washbasins, shower, vanity, mirrors and sometimes a bathtub. Most of it, depends on the user’s choices and preferences.

2. Where should bathroom accessories be placed?

Bathroom accessories can be placed according to the house layout. Homeowners may also want to place them according to their comfort and convenience.

3. Which material is good for bathroom accessories?

Kohler has many bathroom accessories designed in different types of materials, ranging from porcelain to stainless steel. If you have a solid brand preference, your products are definitely going to last longer.

4. What is the most essential part of a bathroom?

There are several different essential parts in a bathroom – from the wash basins to toilet seats and the shower or bathtub. 

5. Why are bathroom accessories important?

Bathroom accessories are important for their ease of use and the functionalities they offer the users. Kohler offers a wide range of bathroom accessories for its patrons, which can be easily picked for building one’s favorite space. 

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