Your Personal Guide To Bathroom Fittings

If you wish to spruce up the look of your bathroom, then the functional aspect must go hand in hand with the aesthetics. It means you must research and understand what can create a balance between the two factors. This also includes why you must choose the right bathroom accessories and fittings for it to appear as per your choice. It is only practical to pick the fittings after considering the functioning and aesthetic effect.

And if this requires a further decision on bathroom fittings. Here are the choices you need to make and a guide on the following:


You may have unique requirements, but try to limit your buys to specific bathroom fittings only. Determining your bathroom fittings will become easier once you understand what you’re looking for. Additionally, it is always better to look at your washroom and check what accessories you need and what you can do without. Make sure you understand your budget and review your finances before you put them to use.

Choose High-Quality Accessories:

People are often of the view that highly-priced accessories mean high-quality products. However, this is in no way true. It is mandatory that you shop wisely and invest in bathroom fittings and accessories which are of a good brand. A good brand here would signify that it is old and has many loyal customers. We recommend you compare your products to get the best deal in hand.

Kohler Bathroom Fittings and Accessories

Think Of Your Space: 

Just having a design layout isn’t enough. Before picking every bathroom accessory that will make it to your bathroom, it is necessary to look into your space. Identify your needs and then go ahead with the bathroom installations.

The above three absolutes must be considered if you’re considering decorating your bathroom or constructing and designing a new one. 

Must-Have Bathroom Fittings 


The toilet is essential in any bathroom. It is one of the most important fittings that need practicality and a comfortable aesthetic. There are many types of toilets available for bathrooms. It all depends on the space as well as the style of the bathroom. From rimless, floor-mount toilets to low ones, traditional toilets to advanced tech ones, everything is available per your requirements and use. Kohler also has its bestseller, the water-saving bathrooms, a hit among consumers who wish to reduce their water consumption and increase water efficiency.


The wash basin is another fundamental fitting in the bathroom, commonly used for washing hands and face. This fitting is available in various designs, sizes and shapes, which suit consumers, their tastes and the space. Some of the most common choices for wash basins include wall-mounted, pedestal and countertop sinks. At Kohler, a collection of wash basins comes with luxurious cabinets. These pieces are nothing short of extraordinary and instantly glam up any space. Make sure you choose this essential and consider factors like the well-designed and functional sink.

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Kohler Bathroom Fittings in Nepal


The showerhead in a bathroom comes with nozzles, which help to spray water from the top or sides onto the user. There are many types of showerheads which have come to the market and promise varied luxury and comfortable experiences. One essential point you need to remember before you proceed with the showerheads is that they must comply with your space. It is always advisable to check the showerheads and how they are controlled. Kohler has a plethora of luxe shower heads, which boast relaxing bathing experiences.


People use bathrooms to refresh, rejuvenate and eventually, groom themselves. Apart from playing a part in grooming, mirrors have now taken up the role of acting as statement accessories. Interior designers and construction experts have redefined the meaning of mirrors through innovative designing techniques and approaches. They now come in exclusive designs, shapes and sizes to suit every bathroom interior. Well, such that homeowners feel the need to include mirrors in their private spaces, apart from the need for grooming.


To match your toilet design details, get yourself the bidet. Bidets are a hit in the West and are slowly gaining popularity in the rest of the world. At Kohler, to comply with the demands, designers and researchers have devised different bidet designs that make cleaning the nether areas of users convenient and safe.


It is no secret that Kohler has an extensive collection of faucets representing a thought larger than life. They are unique and different and cater to a niche consumer. These faucets stand out for their personality and ensure that any bathroom they are fitted in has the trait of perfection.

The above-mentioned fittings are on your list of must-haves in bathroom fittings. However, if you wish to level up the décor of your bathroom a little more, Kohler has a solution. We have designed aesthetic grooming areas and designs which sit well in all spaces. These have been curated by the best design experts to accentuate the look of any space they’re installed in.

Begin by exploring the grooming areas by Kohler, toilet area combos, shower area combos, kids bathroom, powder bathroom, full bathroom combos, basin fittings, vanities, the basin plus vanity combo, and many more.

We recommend that your furnishing ideas shouldn’t center upon what’s currently trending in the market but on what truly represents you. Your bathroom area is where you will spend a significant amount of time, and how you supported yourself through your homes is what really matters! So, choose your bathroom fittings with care and wisely.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which bathroom brand is best?

Kohler is among the best world brands, offering a variety of bathroom and sanitary fixtures that are aesthetically pleasing and of the highest quality. Visit Kohler Official Website in Nepal –

2. Which company is best for bathroom accessories?

Kohler stands out for its unique and innovative collection of bathroom accessories. It sells and install every bathroom accessory per the consumer’s needs and requirements.

3. Is Kohler a good brand?

Kohler is a 150-year-old brand offering many bathroom products and accessories that are loved and popular worldwide.

4. What is a luxury bathroom?

A luxury bathroom is more about grandeur and opulence and less about just the fittings and fixtures. There are certain elements and statement pieces in the bathroom that make it unique and stand out. Bathrooms are one of the most visited spaces in the house; therefore, it is usually preferred as a luxury space for many homeowners and experts.

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