Types of Toilet Commode: A Spectrum of Sanitary Solutions

Whatever you call it, the bathroom commode is among the most important items in your house. Various factors should be considered when opting for the right toilet commode as your day begins and end in bathroom. Choosing the right toilet may not be glamorous, but it’s crucial for your home’s comfort and functionality.

When we talk about toilet commodes, different parts play an important role. Toilet seats are hinged units consisting of a round or oval open seat and usually a lid, which are bolted onto a commode to provide comfort and hygiene. Commode seats refer to the actual sitting surface atop a toilet bowl, where one sits to perform bodily functions, often designed for ease of cleaning and durability.

The one that carries a combination of aesthetics, functionality, and convenience. Especially considering it is used by people of all ages, including children, elders, and adults. Nowadays, toilet commodes serve more than just functionality. The toilet commode classification is based on their design, style, and functionality.

Kohler Modern Commode

1) One-Piece Toilet

These One piece toilet commodes are the epitome of cleanliness. Those who would rather maintain their bathrooms tidy strongly favor them. Among the benefits of choosing, one is its sleek designs, small-space-friendly features, and easy-to-clean exteriors.

Because homeowners don’t have to move and secure the toilet tank & do the same for the toilet bowl separately, the installation process is quicker and easier. The cost of a Kohler toilet seat in Nepal is reasonable, and it has excellent durability and cutting-edge adaptability for people of all sizes.

This toilet has a clean, modern appearance that fits in any modern bathroom. It has soft, classic curves, a smooth side surface free of dirt traps and various quiet-close seats.

2) Two-Piece Toilet

The two-piece toilet is frequently what people picture when they think of a toilet commode. It is made up of a bowl and a tank. Due to their great popularity, these sorts are available in various forms and heights.

The earliest and most popular types of English pot seats are these toilet commodes. With their special configuration that divides the tank and the bowl, they offer versatility and total creative freedom for the bathroom. The two-piece model has choices for water conservation and flushing. Two-piece toilets are quite compatible with both tall and short people, although they might be more difficult to clean and require more room than one-piece toilets.


Kohler wall hung commode

3) Wall Mounted Commodes

A wall hung commode gives your bathroom a modern, clean look and is a sleek, attractive, and safe spacing alternative. Usually found with a floor-mounted option, it conceals the tank. Wall hung toilets are becoming a significant feature of modern designs and technology.

Wall-mounted toilets give your bathroom a level of convenience, style and design that is unmatched by other models. They are renowned for their seductive appearance and exceptional design, which will set your bathroom apart from the others.

4) Bidet Toilets

With the development of technology, a wide variety of toilet commodes that blend form and function are now available. The newest commodes are an excellent option for a better bathroom experience because they come with water-saving technology and a plethora of cutting-edge features, such as heated seats, a self-cleaning function, dual flush, high-pressure flush system and UV-sanitized wands.

The Bidet toilets from Kohler guarantee personal hygiene and revitalize your old toilet. For an enhanced cleaning experience, they include a bidet spray wand that is fully adjustable regarding both position and water pressure. It requires no electricity or batteries, is easy to install in a matter of minutes, and connects to the toilet’s water supply line to minimize water usage while promoting environmentally friendly living.

5) Extended Wall Hung Toilet:

Except for the name, an extended wall-hung toilet is identical to a wall-hung toilet. An extended wall-hung toilet, in contrast to a wall-hung toilet, has a tank that is visible and not concealed behind the wall, and in this instance, the ceramic does touch the ground. Installing this type of toilet in your bathroom depends only on your aesthetic preferences and how you want your bathroom to look overall, even though it is rather simple to maintain.



The toilet commode variety available today will cast a spell upon you. From the sleek one-piece designs to the water-efficient dual-flush models, reflecting a mix of functionality and style tailored to diverse preferences and needs. Each one offers a unique blend of comfort, water conservation, and technological innovation to ensure that the simple use of a restroom aligns with personal and environmental considerations.

Technology innovation has changed the toilet industry. Ensure the western toilet commode design you choose fits properly in the bathroom. The distance between the commode seats is an additional parameter. Toilet commodes are designed to blend with the surroundings and function as wonderful toilet accessories in addition to their utilitarian use. They provide the ideal balance of luxury, flair, and opulence. With its incredibly opulent collection, Kohler’s commode creates a long-lasting impression in your bathroom. Go bold, Go KOHLER.

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